Episode eight starts with Eun-Bi having a friendly cup of coffee with her a-hole ex-boyfriend, Jae-Ho. He asks why she didn't call him when her father passed away. He also expresses his disbelief that Eun-Bi and Chi-Soo are living together. Eun-Bi keeps a cool distance and tells him it's none of his business. She notices an employee ID around Jae-Ho's neck. He works at the Cha Sung Company. You know, Chi-Soo's dad's place. Small world, right? Jae-Ho also tells her she was a great girlfriend. Eun-Bi's a little bit "wtf?"

Back at the ramen shop/home for wayward hot guys, the makeshift ramen-family of Eun-Bi, Gang-Hyuk, Hyun-Woo, and Ba-Ool are relaxing when Ba-Ool bursts out with some intense questions for Eun-Bi. He's still confused about why she was pretending to be involved with Chi-Soo. He asks her what her real relationship to him is, if anything happened between them, and why she still cares about her ex-boyfriend. Eun-Bi smacks his head and tells him that she definitely does not care about her ex-boyfriend... although she never answers what happened between her and Chi-Soo.

Eun-Bi asks Dong-Joo's advice. She tells her to put out her old flames, forget about Jae-Do, and DON'T GO ON HIS BLOG. Eun-Bi immediately goes on his blog and tries to decode a sentence about himself he has posted. The sentence is, "I am still..." Hmmmm. I am still WHAT? Gang-Hyuk sneaks up on Eun-Bi and is annoyed that she's looking at her exes blog. "How open-minded am I supposed to be?" he says. Uh, did I miss something? I don't remember Eun-Bi ever agreeing to be his wife. She definitely told him he could keep the shop running, but I never heard an "I do." I mean yes, Gang-Hyuk is a dreamboat, but this sense of being entitled to his woman isn't so cute. Doesn't he understand that she's supposed to be with Chi-Soo!

Eun-Bi has a flashback to her relationship to Jae-Ho. She asks him what he means to her and he tells her that she's like ramen: always there. Um, how romantic.

President Cha notices a spring in Chi-Soo's step. He thinks it's because he's beat a video game or something, but really it's due to his new job at the ramen shop and the fact that Eun-Bi needs him to help continue the ruse that they are a couple for Jae-Ho's sake. It's the little things...

Even So-Yi notices a change in Chi-Soo's behavior. She tells him he's acting like he's really Eun-Bi's boyfriend, but he insists it's only because he's just trying to play along the best he can. Sure, Chi-Soo. Keep telling yourself that. And can you also ask Hyun-Woo if he's into American guys?

Chi-Soo calls Eun-Bi who is outside the ramen shop sweeping up rubbish on the sidewalk and cursing herself for spending so much time looking at Jae-Ho's blog. She doesn't want to answer, but then she remembers the deal she made. In exchange for playing along for their "relationship," Eun-Bi has to come running to Chi-Soo whenever he calls.

They meet up in front of the shop and at that exact moment, Jae-Ho shows up. Next we see them inside the ramen shop at a table. Chi-Soo's schoolmates and everyone who works at the ramen shop eavesdrop on their conversation. Jae-Ho asks how they met and Chi-Soo goes into the story about kissing in the ladies room and then another story about how she seduced him and another guy by doing the wave in a club.

Afterwards, Eun-Bi expresses her annoyance with Chi-Soo for telling those stories and asks Chi-Soo why he keeps coming to her house. He reminds her that the deal is he gets to see her WHENEVER HE WANTS. He tells Eun-Bi that seeing her brings him to his senses. He leaves, and then Gang-Hyuk tells Eun-Bi even though he knows the stories are untrue, he's still jealous. Then he does a dance with some bok choy in his hand. It's cute... I think. It's also a little creepy I guess. It wouldn't surprise me if we found out in a later episode that he's a serial killer. He's just so calm and weird all the time. Anybody else feel that way? No? Whatever, my crush is totally on Hyun-Woo right now.

Speaking of crushes. Ba-Ool goes to So-Yi's dance studio for a visit. He tells So-Yi how angry he is with Chi-Soo for the way he's treating Eun-Bi and expresses how he doesn't see how So-Yi can still be interested in him. He asks 'how would you like it if I started seeing another girl!' She laughs because she knows he won't, then tells Ba-Ool that he's her right hand, and Chi-Soo is her left.

Eun-Bi sits in front of that convenience store (you remember the one. It's the one they're always at. What a weird place to hang out. Maybe I should bring some lawn chairs to a 7-11 and see what all the fuss is about). She's shooting the s*it with Dong-Joo and "Coach." She admits to Dong-Joo that she went to Jae-Ho's blog, which enrages Dong-Joo (everyone enrages so easily on this show!) but before she can give her any sort of advice, Eun-Bi gets a text from Chi-Soo telling her to come to the ramen shop and because of their deal, she does. He is on the roof of the shop, gazing up at the moon and having another hallucination of Eun-Bi.

Eun-Bi gets to the shop, but instead of Chi-Soo, she runs into Jae-Ho who tells her he knows she's faking her relationship with Chi-Soo and begs her to give their relationship another chance. Chi-Soo watches from afar. Then Jae-Ho hands Eun-Bi a gift bag. Alone in her room, she opens the gift bag which contains a scrapbook with pictures of them and a ring. Also, there's a tiny mp3 player which plays their song. What an ADORABLE gift idea! I want to send one to Hyun-Woo, but instead of a song I think I would just record me speaking into it, specifically I would speak driving directions to my apartment from Korea. Anyway, Eun-Bi has a flashback to her first kiss.

Chi-Soo barges into her bedroom and rips the mp3 player from her hand. He's furious that she didn't answer his phone calls. He asks her why she's wasting her time listening to a dumb song. Eun-Bi, who is now teary-eyed, explains that it's not just a song. It's a reminder of the six years she spent with Jae-Ho. She's obviously considering getting back together with him. This makes Chi-Soo really upset and he breaks the mp3 player and storms out. Poor Gang-Hyuk is asleep on the living room floor, listening to all this going on. He decides to make Eun-Bi something that looks like a very large omlette. They bond when a song comes on. It was Eun-Bi's father's song. And Gang-Hyuk's mother's song. And wouldn't you know it, it's also Chi-Soo's mother's song too.

The next day, Chi-Soo tries to figure out what the song is and wants to buy it. Eun-Bi has the same idea. She goes to the music store and it turns out Jae-Ho has been following her. She gives him back the ring he gave to her in a roundabout way to turn him down. She tells him she'll keep the pictures in the song because, as she puts it, even crap can leave you with precious memories. Jae-Ho's overly made-up, very recent ex-girlfriend confronts the two of them. Jae-Ho tells her he's finished with her, but she insists differently. He tells his ex-girlfriend that it's too hard to be with her because men are always staring. He wants to be with Eun-Bi because even when she wears hot pants, nobody looks. WELL! Then the hooker-- I mean ex-girlfriend grabs Eun-Bi by the arm and starts to take her outside, telling her she's going to beat her up. But have no fear, friends. Chi-Soo is tere. He pulls Eun-Bi away, punches Jae-Ho, and shouts about how hot Eun-Bi is and how Jae-Ho doesn't deserve her.

Eun-Bi runs off to a ladies bathroom to cry, but Chi-Soo finds her. She tells him that she was happy that Jae-Ho finally saw her as a woman again. Chi-Soo shouts at her not to cry over another man in front of him. They stare deeply into eachothers' eyes and start to lean in closer to eachother. But then, as they are about to finally kiss eachother consensually for the first time and we all would cheer, Gang-Hyuk punches him in the face. Where did he come from and WHY!?! Ugh. I'm so confused. It's obvious Chi-Soo and Eun-Bi have to end up together, and Dong-Joo will end up with coach, and So-Yi with Ba-Ool. But who will Gang-Hyuk end up with? It can't be Hyun-Woo because Hyun-Woo is mine.  Hmmmm. End of episode.

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