Episode nine opens with the final scene from episode eight. You know, when Chi-Soo punched Jae-Ho for saying Eun-Bi wasn't hot, then Gang-Hyuk punched Chi-Soo for almost kissing his wife. Everyone seems a little heartbroken and confused. What a mess of emotions!

Back at the ramen shop, Ba-Ool is throwing a fit because Eun-Bi, Gang-Hyuk, and Chi-Soo are not picking up their phones and he doesn't know where they are. Meanwhile, my boyfriend, Hyun-Woo, is knitting a scarf for Ba-Ool so that he doesn't catch a cold. This really freaks Ba-Ool out.

At a park somewhere, Eun-Bi stuffs her face with ramen that burns her tongue, draws a face on an egg, and ponders why Chi-Soo got so mad that she was crying over another man. It seems obvious that he's into her, but then again, logic doesn't seem to come natural to someone who draws faces on eggs and burns their tongue with ramen.

Eun-Bi finally puts it together that both Chi-Soo and Gang-Hyuk have feelings for her. She's terrified of things being awkward at the ramen shop between the three of them. Later, back in the shop, everyone is quiet, but not as awkward as Eun-Bi expected, which strangely makes her MORE uncomfortable. "How come I'M the one feeling awkward?" she asks herself. Chi-Soo finds her in the kitchen and asks where the pickled radishes are. She tries to tell him in a really sexy way that will seduce him and make him try to kiss her again. Instead, he informs her that she has pepper stuck in her teeth.

Eun-Bi fumes over this as she brushes her teeth. WHY isn't he calling her hot anymore and why would even point out the pepper in the first place! Then she tries to seduce Gang-Hyuk who's interrupted her in the bathroom. But he isn't there to make love, he's there to give her constipation medicine... how sexy.

After work, Chi-Soo and Gang-Hyuk have a private discussion on the roof. Chi-Soo hands him the physician bill for the cut on his lip he got when Gang-Hyuk punched him. Gang-Hyuk asks what he wants when it comes to Eun-Bi. Chi-Soo regurgitates the same speech he told Hyun-Woo before about how he just needs to see her to fix his condition. She hurt and embarrassed him, so he just needs to keep confronting the source of his anxiety (Eun-Bi) until he gets over it. Chi-Soo asks why Gang-Hyuk keeps referring to her as his wife when they aren't really even married (or even dating). Gang-Hyuk says that he's protecting her because he made a promise to her father and his mother that he would. Eun-Bi hears this whole conversation. Ouch! Must suck to go from thinking everyone thinks you're hot to find out you're just a cure and a kept promise to them.

Chi-Soo goes home to find his father listening to his mother's song AGAIN. Chi-Soo doesn't understand why he's doing this. "A song is just a song!" he says. President Cha explains that someday, when he meets the right woman, he will understand. That woman will become like a drink, like the moon, and will carry a song on her shoulder. This freaks Chi-Soo out because he's scared that Eun-Bi is that woman for him. He sees her face everywhere! But wait! He convinces himself she's not like that for him because he doesn't hear a song when she comes around.

The next day, he's in his hot car (actually, it's a little TOO hot, you know what I mean? Like he's compensating for something... you know what I mean?). Anyway, he's in his "hot" car with So-Yi and he asks her if there's a song on his shoulder whenever she sees him. She has no idea what he's talking about.

Next we see the whole Flower Boy Ramen Shop team at some sort of company meeting. Gang-Hyuk gives them all a new assignment. The four workers are to pair up, and make ramen for their partner that will make them feel "warm and fuzzy inside" based on what they know/learn about them. Obviously Ba-Ool is paired with my boyfriend Hyun-Woo. Hyun-Woo asks Ba-Ool really first-date-like questions which makes Ba-Ool really uncomfortable and angry. And obviously Eun-Bi is paired with Chi-Soo. Um, is Gang-Hyuk that stupid? Does he want her to run away with him? Because that's exactly what she does. Eun-Bi and Chi-Soo sneak out of the ramen shop and take his "hot" car to that spot under the bridge where Eun-Bi first cried in front of him. He finally blurts out to her that he doesn't know how he feels about her. He wants to use the music app that So-Yi showed him earlier to find out. The way it works is it picks a song at random. He feels like so far it always picks an appropriate song for wherever he is, so if it picks a love song, that must mean he loves her. It sounds far-fetched, but it totally works. I once dated a guy I met at Starbucks because of a Bonnie Raitt song that was playing when we made eye contact. He turned out to be a total psychopath but I stole some T-Shirts from him that fit me REALLY well. So I totally believe in the power of songs in romance.

The song that comes on for Chi-Soo and Eun-Bi is really un-romantic and starts with the lyrics, "you have given me shame, there's no taking it back now." Chi-Soo is relieved. "Of course! That's all it is! Shame!" he thinks. He finally feels like he can move on now knowing that there's nothing more to his feelings about Eun-Bi but shame. Eun-Bi is quietly hurt and offended. She gives him the hard-boiled egg she was drawing on earlier in case he gets hungry, gets out of the car, and walks back home.Chi-Soo drives around feeling really proud of himself. He's SO over Eun-Bi. He picks up the egg she left him and decides to eat it, but when he cracks it against his head he finds out it wasn't hard-boiled at all, it's completely raw and now he has... egg on his face.

Once home, Eun-Bi sees Gang-Hyuk is up waiting for her. She tells him she knows how he feels about her and that he doesn't have to protect her any more. She's an adult and she doesn't want to be a burden. Gang-Hyuk gets all romantic and sexy and asks if this means he can let himself go in front of her. She doesn't respond. She just kind of stares at him as he leans in for a kiss. And guess who's sitting in his car watching this happen? No, not J. Edgar Hoover as played by Leonardo DiCaprio (but that was a good guess), it's Cha Chi Soo. The episode ends without us getting to see what happens with my boyfriend Hyun-Woo. Sigh.

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