Hello everyone - it's the first week of November! With the recent launch of new series Flower Boy Ramen Shop - we have a new caption contest centered around it!

But first, we must announce the winner of last week's The Princess' Man caption contest. Congratulations Julie!

Princess' Man Week 26 caption winner

And now for this week's caption contest - we have the adorable Flower Boy Jung Il Woo and his noona lady-love Lee Chung Ah. I personally enjoy just how frustrating he can be, but once he smiles, all is forgiven (in my starry eyes).

Come up with your most creative caption, and win a chance to get a DramaFever T-shirt! Enter by putting your caption in the comments below. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 14, and be eligible to win a DramaFever T-shirt.

Flower Boy Ramen Shop Week 27 Caption contest


**Update:** This week's contest is now closed. For the winner and a new caption contest, click here!