by KrisE:

With Flower boy Next Door being all the rage, it's only right to post a bunch of photos of hot guys and ask you all your preference. For those who don't know, a "Flower Boy" is a guy who is not only good-looking, but works at being good-looking. He makes a real effort to look good at all times, he's confident, he owns his style, and of course he's beyond charming. However, there are those who just don't fall for the charm of the Flower Boy. Some people out there prefer more masculine types, rugged good looks, you know, the guys who you probably won't see standing behind you in the check out line at Etude House.

But we can't just ask you which type you prefer, I mean what if you're undecided? So take a scroll (Ha) through the list of hot guys, and then at the end decide if you're "Team Flower" or "Team Powerhouse."

Hot school uniform style Flower Boy Jung Il Woo

Not a Flower Boy, but shirtless and ab-licious trainer, and actor Choi Sung Jo.

Song Joong Ki took his Flower Boy ways all the way to Sungkyunkwan, and now proves even Froot Loops can be an accessory. 

A Froot Loop trail not your thing? How about a chunk of bronze instead? That's trainer to the stars, AKA "The Death Angel of Obesity," Sean Lee!

 How about the less intimidating, towel wearing Flower Boy No Min Woo?

In need of a few shots? Then party it up with former cast member of reality show K-TOWN, Peter Le!

Prefer to keep it PG? Then Yoon Si Yoon's the Flower Boy for you.

 Oh, your washing machine broke? The Flower Boy may buy you a new one, but bodybuilder Hwang Chul Soon can BE ONE! Those Abs!

'Queen of Ambition' is offering a 2 for 1 deal this month! Flower Boy Yunho

Or hunky Actor Kwan Sang Woo

And of course, a list including Flower boys isn't complete with out the kings themselves, Boys Over Flowers, F4!

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