Episode 10 of Doctor Romantic came to show us how perfect the members of Doldam Hospital fit together and how much Director Do wants to ruin this. Let's see what happened.

Episode 10: Crush

    The episode starts where we left off, the accident and the commotion in the ER. The doctors call for back up and to Teacher Kim to tell him of the situation. They start helping, getting all the people out of the cars, even finding the men that were cleaning the road when the accident happened. In Bum also makes it there and starts helping because as there are too many people the ambulances can keep up with all the patients. Among the cases there's one mother and her four-year-old daughter who wasn't in a transportation seat, so now she's unconscious. They need to rush her to the hospital.

Teacher Kim instructs Dong Joo and In Bum back to the hospital and Seo Jung to stay helping there, so off they go while Dong Joo wraps his own jacket around her shoulders to protect her from the cold. Seo Jung stays there, having to treat the drunk guys who caused the accident, scolding him for being reckless and irresponsible. And this is our first fluttering scene because when the guy asks her why she's treating him like that, she answers "I'm Doldam's Crazy Whale" with a proud and like-a-boss expression.

She's so cool.



At the hospital, while the men insist Teacher Kim can perform the surgery,  the kid from the accident arrives and it turns out to be the leader of these men's daughter. Even then, he insists he can only do his job and can't let Teacher Kim operate on the girl. The doctor's hopes that the situation would change the man's heart break so he has to rebel and say he'll also do his job, which is to operate regardless of what he says.

And that's how all the surgeries take place to save all the patients and help, every member flying to to their duties in the most epic way that even inspire the webtoon artist that was in the ER that night. There's a case of Boerhaave syndrome and Teacher Kim asks who has experience with this, only In Bum saying he has. However, in the break room In Bum watches a video and simulates the scenario, which makes Dong Joo suspicious that the other doctor hasn't really performed the surgery before. This surgery seems difficult at first and In Bum gets nervous, but pull himself together and thankfully all goes well.

After the surgery, Dong Joo asks In Bum if he lied to Teacher Kim and In Bum confesses he didn't have experience but at the end everything went well. Yeon Hwa comes later then when Dong Joo is trying to get himself some coffee, actually getting it for him and having a talk with the doctor, asking him about his motivation and to be what he is today. It seems she needs inspiration, yet Dong Joo speaks of how much is yet to learn for him. He leaves to the ER and leaves the young girl thinking.

In the ER, Sunbae In Soo and Seo Jung take care of the patients the best they can, Seo Jung making sure the elderly couple are doing better and the man is, but the woman's heart is racing a bit yet she doesn't complain much and then goes to take a rest. Yet, later, she doesn't wake up and is under cardiac arrest, so Seo Jung rushes to start doing CPR, but it's not working. The second fluttering moment comes with this heartbreaking scene, when the husband asks Seo Jung to stop because they agreed to never force their stay in this world. Literally stopping the doctor, the man says goodbye to his wife while everyone else watches, tearing up and feeling heartbroken like me.

I swear I'm not crying… okay I am.



After the surgery to the little girl, Teacher Kim finally manages to touch the Investigator's heart who decides to pull some strings to get them an orthopaedic doctor for the surgery of the man with the broken legs (the one that was literally under the car). Obviously, this angers Director Do who calls Chief Song, just to find out the man is at the karaoke instead of work. Things look ugly for the chief surgeon.

At the hospital, Dong Joo is trying to comfort Seo Jung but she is still struggling, wondering if her best is actually the best for the patient at the end. Teacher Kim is overhearing and after this he steps in, taking her away just to show her the patient from a few episodes back, the one with the expensive temperature treatment finally woke up and they are so very grateful to her. Here, Teacher Kim tells her "The only way you know you’re on the right path is through the patients. You don’t have to take on the responsibility of life and death," which really helps her this time.

Teacher Kim goes to his office then to archive Seo Jung's resignation letter in a folder where he keeps information of the other people. In his office there's Manager Joo who asks if these people are part of the picture he's trying to paint and advises him to tell CEO Shin about it. Nurse Oh interrupts then to inform the orthopaedic doctor is there so Teacher Kim goes to see what's happening. In the OR, In Bum and Dong Joo are working flawlessly together which brings a contemplative look from Teacher Kim.

After an amazing display during the night and inspiring the webtoon artist, all the doctors and Nurse Park are sleeping until Dong Joo's phone goes off. Before he had received a call from Director Do but declined for the operation. Now he picks up.

While Teacher Kim is having breakfast with CEO Shin to tell him everything turned out for the best, the old man tells the doctor not to be so smug because Director Do won't stop here and he'll slowly take everything from him. To illustrate this, we get to the closing and last fluttering scene from this recap, with Dong Joo having tea with Director Do, who has come to tell the young doctor that he gave him the new car and asking him if he thinks Teacher Kim to be a good man or a genius doctor. The man has come to take Dong Joo back.

Simultaneously, when Teacher Kim comes back to this office, Seo Jung is there after having run into Gi Tae who seemed to be looking for something in the office, he finds her holding the ID of that disciple that died in Geodae and for which he was framed. Obviously, Teacher Kim loses his temper and ends up yelling at Seo Jung to get out of his office.



Worry not, my friends. Episode 11 is around the corner and we'll see how this continues.


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