Episode 11 of Doctor Romantic came with difficult cases involving a lot of unfairness in the way things are dealt with in this world. Let's see how it went.

Episode 11: Phycological Entropy

The episode starts where we left off, Seo Jung being kicked out of Teacher Kim's office and Director Do making a juicy and tempting offer to Dong Joo to get him on his side. The young doctor doesn't immediately agree but he doesn't keep quiet when he's asked about it, so the other personal at the hospital get a bit antsy they might lose Doctor Kang. 

Gi Tae brings this issue to Teacher Kim but he doesn't seem affected about it and keeps his composure. Later, after a patient has come in company of the character played by Hwang Chansung, who is making cameo again, Dong Joo mentions this offer to Teacher Kim who tells him he won't stop him from leaving, if that's what he wants. Dong Joo has to do what he wants, and the fact he's acting like that make the others very uneasy. 

Regardless, Dong Joo is more worried about the patient, thinking that Chansung's character was the one beating the patient up. Later, when some military men come looking for a deserter soldier we realise they were just on the run. Chansung's character takes his friend before the military men get a hold of him, but the patient's condition is so bad he collapses when they are running away. Luckily, Doctor Nam runs into them and brings him back in time for the pan-peritonitis surgery. The military men want to take him away immediately, but Teacher Kim comes to stop them from interfering in the medical care.

Meanwhile, Seo Jung has been having trouble of her own when she's informed that she's going to be sued by the drunk driver for taking a blood sample without consent, which was not the case. Seo Jung goes to see the patient to tell him off for lying, but he's a mama's boy and this lady, just like her son, shows no remorse or conscience, which only aggravates Seo Jung further. 



Dong Joo operates on the patient, with In Bum's assistance and they manage to perform the procedure successfully, but the poor kid was so badly beaten up he is still in a bad condition. Dong Joo informs the military men about the patient's condition and how it is evident the patient was assaulted, which makes the men defensive even if Dong Joo hasn't made direct accusations. Teacher Kim watches without fully figuring out what's going on.

Later, Director Do receives a call and it seems it comes from someone related with this military case because then he's calling Chief Song to ask who operated on the deserter patient. Meanwhile, one of the military men, the one in charge apparently, is on the phone mentioning how they should put that the soldier died in duty on the death certificate, although no one has died yet. Teacher Kim is there when he hears that, asking about it but the men doesn't answer.

Later for Seo Jung, the drunk driver's mother talks to Chief Song to force Seo Jung to apologise, but she doesn't and won't, because she's not a puppet who lets herself be intimidated by the person's acquaintances or connections.



Angered, she goes to the drunk driver and takes him to see exactly what he did, the patients that lost their legs just to make him understand the damage of what he did and repent for it. The boy cries and in that moment his mother comes, slapping Seo Jung for making her son cry. Seo Jung has had enough and says she'll be suing back and will fight what the woman tries to do.

With a worse mood than before, she runs into Nurse Oh who's also ranting because Teacher Kim can't be honest about his feelings and wanting Dong Joo to stay. Both connect over their own frustrations before they continue with their duties.

In the ER, the deserter patient goes into cardiac arrest so the doctors rush to save his life and after a lot of effort, Dong Joo manages to get the patient's pulse back, but the condition is still poor and it seems likely he'll end up brain dead.

On the other hand, Seo Jung is called again because the insolent woman is demanding for an apology. Teacher Kim at first seems like he's not supporting her and telling Seo Jung to just bow, however just in 45 degrees and in exchange of the woman apologising too for slapping Seo Jung. Here, the man shows his teeth, fearless and making the woman understand she'll end up more humiliated because her song drove so drunk and caused a six-car accident with fatalities. The woman loses this battle.

Seo Jung is delighted that Teacher Kim took her side and takes this as finally becoming his disciple, but he claims that he does not take disciples which makes her wonder about the girl from the student ID she found and whether she really died at Teacher Kim's hands or not. Meanwhile, Teacher Kim has to war the flashbacks of said student saying she just wanted to be like him.

Seo Jung follows him and when they walk in front of the ICU they see the drunk driver coming in to sincerely apologise to the families, who start crying just like he does as he bows in 90 degrees. Teacher Kim and Seo Jung watch this feeling proud that the boy has shown conscience and remorse. 

Director Do has come to Doldam to talk to Dong Joo, handing him the death certificate for the deserter patient, even if this has not died yet. It's evident what he's come for, but we don't get to hear Dong Joo's answer, in that moment Teacher Kim comes in to see Dong Joo rustling the piece of paper in his hand and Director Do with a smug on his face, holding on to the doctor.



We get a flashback of Teacher Kim and CEO Shin's breakfast and how the latter asked the former how he pretended to protect his people from Director Do.


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