Episode 12 of Doctor Romantic came on more intense than ever, heartbreaking and taking a step closer between the romantic leads. Are you ready to see how it went?

Episode 12: Boiling Point

The episode starts with the full discussion inside the office and Director Do asking Dong Joo to change the death certificate of the deserter patient. At first, obviously, Dong Joo refuses to do so when the patient hasn't even died yet, but the director pushes him, giving him all the reasons why he should do that. At that point, Teacher Kim comes in and without explaining, Dong Joo leaves, the death certificate crumpled in his hand. Later, in the Break Room he bins it before heading to ER because said deserter patient is going into cardiac arrest.

Teacher Kim goes in the break room to find out the certificate, but still he does nothing. Meanwhile, in the ER the doctors are doing their best to save their patient while the parents that just recently arrived along with the patient's friend watch, praying. However, even Dong Joo's desperate attempt doesn't work and he has to declare the patient dead.



Obviously, the military men come to explain the kid died in duty and they are sorry, but his friend comes out to told them off and reveal the truth: The patient was constantly abused for no reason at all, hence why he deserted. Seo Jung provides that Dong Joo indeed saw signs of abuse and she takes the parents to see the doctor, but this is being "encouraged" by Chief Song to hide the truth and telling him about all the perks he could have if he just follows Director Do. With the parents there but still under all that pressure, Dong Joo doesn't give a definite answer which is upsetting and disappointing. It breaks my heart.

Angered and frustrated with himself, Dong Joo leaves the hospital without giving any sort of explanation. Outside, a lady watches him leave with resentful eyes. Dong Joo goes to Doctor Nam's restaurant where Teacher Kim is, still holding the death certificate, and they start a drinking contest. When they are in their 8th bottle, Teacher Kim asks Dong Joo why he wanted to become a doctor and makes him see that he isn't much different from the people he so much wanted to differ from. Dong Joo argues that it's because there's no other way, he's tired of being stepped over and Teacher Kim only continues by saying that's just an excuse. Giving him the footage of the surgery he tells the younger doctor to do what he thinks is best but just shoulder the consequences later.

Dong Joo continues drinking while his mother arrives to the hospital. Seo Jung stays with her, completely nervous, while the others go pick up pissed drunk Dong Joo. The young man comes making a ruckus and when he sees Seo Jung he goes all clingy and starts talking about how much he likes her, while everyone is watching! He even tries to kiss her but she kicks him before he can do it, ending bum on the floor and passing out.

What an embarrassing scene.

The mother stays with Dong Joo asking him in his sleep if he likes Seo Jung, to which he embarrassingly confesses to like her so much. How cute. The mother also thinks so.

The next day, however, trouble comes because when they come back to the hospital is to find hundreds of flyers claiming Dong Joo is a murderer. The woman who glared at him before is the one behind, and it happens that she's the daughter of the man Dong Joo postponed his surgery in exchange of treating the VIP patient in Geosam. The man died and she blames the doctor for pushing the surgery and she won't stop until he is fired.

Chief Song comes to tell him he'll help and not to worry, while Seo Jung pushes him to hand the honest death certificate, no matter what. It's still too much for Dong Joo, but the last straw comes when the police come for the young lady. Before they take her, she drops all the flyers and Dong Joo's mother comes to help her and apologise for what her son did, and she makes Dong Joo apologise too. The young man does, sincerely, heartbreakingly and accepts all the cries and hatred from the young lady.



Teacher Kim, after hearing this, goes straight to Geosam to hit Director Do and call him off for using the young doctors in his greed. He threatens the man to stop doing that and stop being pathetic, too. 

A slow clap for Teacher Kim, please.

After that, Dong Joo obviously hands in the honest certificate and apologies for being late to the family, but these only thank him for giving them that peace of mind at the end.

When Dong Joo goes to drop his mother at the terminal, she mentions to like So Jung which makes Dong Joo wonder what he did while drunk, his mother won't tell him. Back in the hospital, he doesn't ask Seo Jung himself, but tries to bring it up just for her to tell him to forget about it. she changes the topic to talk about how he lost all the fabulous perks he was offered and was stuck in Doldam, which is frustrating for him already so why can't she make it better and date him?

I keep loving when he's so straightforward!

Seo Jung obviously rejects him again, but he insists, asking her why she keeps rejecting him yet she refuses to give him a reason. She doesn't deny not liking him, though, and mentions he still has one more chance before leaving. Eek! I love this.



Outside, she runs into In Bum who just seems amused with all that's happening, until he receives a call from his father asking him to manage to make it in Teacher Kim's surgical team, because the man has already set a date to operate on CEO Shin. Seo Jung is the most prepare for this and she's been studying hard, but In Bum still goes and ask Teacher Kim if he can be the main assistant.

The episode ends with the other personal wondering who'll be the lucky ones to be picked in that team.


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Episode 13 comes next week, we just have to wait patiently. Until then, my friends!

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