With episode 13 of Doctor Romantic, we get closer to the important surgery of CEO Shin, but the characters have to face new and dangerous situations that might put at risk such an important procedure. Let's see how it went.

Episode 13: The Aesthetics of Chaos

      It starts with In Bum asking Teacher Kim to be his main assistant, giving a list of all his "qualifications". Teacher Kim appraises him in a new light while the voice of Dong Joo explains how in this world to succeed we even lie about who we are. Teacher Kim tells the young doctor what it would mean to give him that job: taking it from Seo Jung who has been working so hard for it.

We get a flash back of how Teacher Kim and Nurse Oh talked around her about the surgery, clearly meaning for her to eavesdrop and start preparing for it. She really works for that spot in the team, especially to stitch considering the condition of her hand. She even seeks Dong Joo's assistance, who is happy to oblige. This gives us such a cute moment and even Teacher Kim seems pleased to see them working together.


Finally, Teacher Kim announces his team, Seo Jung as the main assistant. As they will have to change the artificial heart, the need two teams. Dong Joo will change the batteries and In Bum will assist, while Seo Jung and Teacher Kim will change the heart. Every night they have to have meetings to prepare for the surgery day, going over the times and how to make the best out of the conditions for a successful surgery.

In Bum and chief Song are the first to introduce themselves to CEO Shin, but then Seo Jung comes to introduce herself as the doctor in charge. The CEO is not pleased but Seo Jung is a cheeky doctor herself and won't take the discrimination. The CEO puts up a fight, but eventually ends up warming up to the young doctor and accepting her. Furthermore, she diagnosis him with pneumonia, which only makes this more complicated.

In the ER, Dong Joo is dealing with patients normally, but he looks really tired and Nurse Oh suggests for him to take a break. He would agree if not for the new cases so it's back to work.

Meanwhile, Seo Jung reports to Teacher Kim the possible case of pneumonia and this authorises her to treat it accordingly. When she goes to the break room she runs into a very anxious In Soo who is leaving earlier. He asked Dong Joo to cover for him but the doctor has been on duty three days in a row and needs a break. She asks In Bum to help in the ER but he refuses so she leaves all the papers regarding the type for the new artificial heart and leaves. In Bum reports everything to his father about the oncoming surgery.

In the ER Dong Joo keeps treating patients, the girl that exaggerated her overdose so her boyfriend would actually put her first, and the boy with a cough and high fever. They find out the father of said when to Saudi Arabia for a business trip and since then they all have been coughing. Taking this into consideration, they suspect it could be MERS so they put the ER in lockdown until they confirm it.


Everyone else is informed about the situation, Seo Jung advised to stay away of the ER because of her proximity to CEO Shin. She goes to check on Dong Joo nonetheless, talking through the phone. Dong Joo is dead tired but reassures her to be okay and keeps working. Teacher Kim is pulling every string to get help from the Health Centre and do it quickly. They aren't very cooperative.

The situation is handled as smoothly as possible, still they have some of the other patients (like the boyfriend) who get too anxious and want to leave, so they have to control the situation. However, things get messier when they realise the overdose girl is actually with appendicitis and they need to operate on her. Quickly. Chief Song will have to perform the surgery, but he doesn't want to and Teacher Kim loses his temper because they are not for cowardice in this situation. Once the hazmat suits arrives, they'll have that surgery.

In the ER, Dong Joo looks terrible and although he tries to reassure he's fine, he ends up collapsing. Realising they have no doctor now in the ER, Teacher Kim resolves to go in himself. He's getting ready when Seo Jung arrives, after In Bum has told her about what happened with Dong Joo, a clear movement to push her aside and step in as CEO Shin's physician. She can't ignore that and tells Teacher Kim that what the patients need in there is a ER specialist, and that's her.


Let's hurry to see how this story continues!


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