Episode 14 of Doctor Romantic will not only answer the question whether it was a case of MERS or not, but also give us a lot of feels. Let's see how it went!

Episode 14: Paragonimiasis Effect

It starts as we already saw, with Dong Joo collapsing and Teacher Kim deciding to go in just in time for Seo Jung to step in and volunteer herself for being the more capable one for the job. Inside, she diagnosis Dong Joo as just a case of dehydration and overexertion and while she stays by his side, the young doctor recalls her conversation with Teacher Kim asking whether she'll regret her decision. But she won't because in that moment she wanted to be by Dong Joo's side.

The hazmat suits have not arrived yet so Chief Song is still throwing a fit about doing the surgery, but once the hospital gets news that the suits are on their way, Chief Song has no other option but follow orders and get ready.

In Bum is now in charge of CEO Shin, which makes the man curious and Teacher Kim informs him about the situation, but this won't alarm the man, he's more resilient than he looks. 

In the ER the boyfriend is still looking for a way out, scared senseless for his own life. That's a bit selfish if you ask me. Outside, the mother of the kid that got a cut in his head is dying to go inside, to be with her kids but both are stopped, the situation still under control as Seo Jung tries to put at ease the anxious man.


With the suits in the hospital, they can carry out the surgery. With that patient under the nervous hands of chief Song, the situation in the ER calms down a bit. Seo Jung stays by Dong Joo's side and the patients can start going back home one by one, but they are asked to stay in self-imposed quarantine until the results come out. The boyfriend, as punishment, will be the last one to go home.

The next morning the results finally come out and to everyone's relief, it's not MERS. Teacher Kim goes inside to tell them and they are all too relieved, but that makes them ask what's the condition of the family then. It turns out to be a paragonimiasis, a parasitic infection caused by eating raw seafood. 

With that scare taken care of, Dong Joo can be moved to another room and when he wakes up, he sees Seo Jung by his bedside and realises that she indeed stayed the whole time with him, which makes him really happy. She denies it at first, but just as she thinks of the whole situation and how she rushed inside, she realises she doesn't have the strength to push him away anymore and accepts the embrace. Gi Tae runs into them and sees this happen, which then makes him try to subtly encourage Dong Joo to get the girl.


Yeon Hwa is back and Nurse Park is the first to see her as she goes to introduce herself. She was an exchange medicine student specialising to be general surgeon and now she's to start at Doldam as she found her resolve to go back in there. The other are welcoming her, Nurse Park the warmest of them all, but a new accident happens and they are needed in the ER.

The webtoon artists from a few episodes back shows up again, collapsing. In Bum goes to check on him but he's too hesitant and when Teacher Kim comes, he only scolds the young doctor for doing things wrong and then calls for Seo Jung. Realising there's something off, Teacher Kim tells In Bum to do the surgery and Seo Jung to assist. 

In the OR In Bum hesitates and even confuses the tools, making Teacher Kim snap at him. Asking Seo Jung to finish it, he takes In Bum away with him, Teacher Kim asks Im Bum about the procedure that the doctor can recite without problem, but that's only theory and now Teacher Kim knows he's lied. The old man states the hands of a surgeon are steady with practice and effort, and these can never lie.

At the big hospital a very important woman comes and we know she's related to CEO Shin, and Director Do called her to tell her about her man's decision to get Teacher Kim to perform the surgery. The woman throws a fit and it seems that's exactly what the director wanted.

Talking about CEO Shin, Teacher Kim informs him about his situation and how they'll have to replace the heart entirely. The old man accepts that easily and Teacher Kim is surprised the man trusts him so blindly. CEO Shin states that he is the type to do anything to survive and that Teacher Kim is the type to do anything to save someone, and that makes them a good match. Teacher Kim accepts that at the end.

And after that, the meetings continue to plan the surgery the best possible, reducing times and practicing even the movements in the OR, meanwhile In Bum reports everything to his father, asking until when he'll have to stay just to hear that he'll have to until his father says so.

While not only Gi Tae's purchase arrives but also Dong Joo's (because following Gi Tae's insinuations he does get a necklace for Seo Jung), Seo Jung gets ready to leave. Dong Joo then uses that opportunity to give her the present but she rejects it. Dong Joo obviously follows her insisting, asking why when it seems she likes him. She confesses to indeed like him, but that she feels guilty and connects him with the accident and that's not fair to him, yet he doesn't care for as long as she likes him. So he insists, declaring he just wants to be with her and after a bit more, she accepts the necklace and with it a beautiful and perfect kiss.


Man, I love this couple.

The episode ends with CEO Shin's family member arriving at Doldam and Teacher Kim finding something in the man's medical history that clearly distresses him.

Can't wait to see how it continues? Worry not, the next episode it's almost here.


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