After the SBS awards, episode 15 Doctor Romantic came to give its farewell to 2016 and show us how things continue for all our characters in the K-drama. Let's see how it went.

Episode 15: Rough-around-the-edges Syndrome

     The episode starts with Chairman Shin stating how he trusts Teacher Kim not to be swayed by money, hence being the one suitable for the job. Then we get to see the CEO's daughter and Director Do having a conversation in which the latter informs the former about the situation. She gets scandalised and remembers the famous doctor back in the day and we get to see the part she played in the chaos back then. Director Do used Teacher Kim's name for many other surgeries to increase profit and this caused deaths at the hands of other surgeons, which is what Teacher Kim is being blamed for later. Clearly twisting the situation, the daughter just declares Teacher Kim can't continue working as doctor and the man watches with frustration and anger boiling in his eyes.

I for once like a CEO in a drama, but I hate his corrupt daughter.

Back in the present the woman is in front of Doldam but when she's asked if she wants to go inside, she refuses, saying that's enough for the day. Inside the hospital, though, Dong Joo and Seo Jung are doing the lovey-dovey eyes while Gi Tae just looks at them as if they went crazy, realising things did work for them. They are so obvious I love it.


With this hint, later in the ER Gi Tae comes to push Dong Joo's buttons, making him question whether it really worked with the necklace present because, why wouldn't she be wearing it then? Dong Joo panics, as Gi Tae expected and when Nurse Oh asks him why, he answers just out of pettiness because his plans worked while Gi Tae's failed.

Dong Joo immediately calls Seo Jung to ask if she's wearing the necklace but she refuses to answer and asks him to just focus on work.

Teacher Kim, on the other hand, is notified of CEO Shin's daughter in the hospital and the man is surprised to find out they are related. Meanwhile in the patient's room, the daughter is persuading her father to discharge and she's going to proceed with the paperwork when Seo Jung tells her she needs the physician's authorisation to do such. However, the daughter states her rank is far more important than hers, completely disregarding the young doctor.

Hyun Jung then runs into teacher Kim and they quarrel, she recriminates him for his past and he throws at her how every accusation was wrongly made by her and her people, who framed him.

Seo Jung is now aware of the bad blood between Teacher Kim and Hyun Jung so she's curious and goes to Nurse Oh to asks, but she claims to only know Teacher Kim after he left Geosam Hospital. Then, the nurse starts trying to see if Seo Jung is wearing the necklace and when Seo Jung asks her what she's doing, the woman questions if Seo Jung is dating Dong Joo. Obviously, the doctor denies it but she stutters and rambles too much, making it obvious.

Seo Jung goes to see Dong Joo to talk about that but she witnesses how Dong Joo and In Bum are having different opinions regarding a patient, and Chief Song sides with In Bum, scolding Dong Joo and acting as if he actually has a clue of what he's doing. Dong Joo storms out, angry and frustrated and Seo Jung follows him to his office, asking about it but he soon lets it slip to focus on her. She asks if he's spreading rumours about their dating which leads him to ask if they are not. She acts as if nothing happened so he tries to kiss her to make her remember and this just fuels their cute bickering whether they are dating or not and how obvious they are. She asks to act just as colleagues and not let everyone else find out, and Dong Joo agrees if that means they start dating now. When she's leaving he calls "I love you" and she cringes, scolding him for doing that and he just points she's being obvious. Amused with her reaction, he repeats it in different languages and she just tries to stop him.

They are the cutest.

The discussion between Hyun Jung and Teacher Kim continues and while she just thinks of how she doesn't want him to operate on her father, he informs her the situation is worse than expected and her father has terminal lung cancer. Outside, Dong Joo waits to ask Teacher Kim about the patient that will be soon operated, the one with whom they had different opinions. As the man is too busy, when Yeon Hwa passes by he asks her to switch him him and then ask Teacher Kim to check the CT they did and confirm whether the issue is originated from the pancreatic tail or not. 

Dong Joo goes to assist In Bum suspecting the other doctor is wrong in his diagnosis and when they get to the core of the problem In bum realises it is indeed from the pancreatic tail. He thus calls Chief Song who is being scolded by Teacher Kim for not noticing the obvious and making the situation worse between the doctors. In Bum asks what to do and lies again when he's asked if he's done this type of surgery, but soon he's caught and has to call again. Teacher Kim forces Doctor Song to go in himself and he is all pompous about it but makes a huge mistake and kind of panics inside. 

Teacher Kim is ready to go inside when Dong Joo says he can do it, accepting the threat from Chief Song to blame it all on the young doctor. Then Dong Joo shows his skills and speed after practising so much to do it kind of like Teacher Kim. The old man outside watches with pride at the young man, realising he does not need to rush inside the OR after all.


Outside the OR In Bum is offended and ultimately angry Dong Joo stepped in and pushed him aside so they end up fighting and have to be separated again. Teacher Kim takes them to his office and when he asks about it, In Bum justifies himself but Dong Joo has nothing to say. For that reason, the latter can leave and In Bum stays to be lectured by Teacher Kim. The man declares he misjudged In Bum, thinking he had the guts to be a good doctor but he's just a puppet of his father. He tells the young man to go report to his father the surgery won't happen as the chairman has lung cancer, which means he's been aware of In Bum being a mole.

In Bum calls and and informs, which pleases Director Do. When the kid asks if he can go back now, the father only tells him off, coldly. Poor kid, though.

Seo Jung goes to see Dong Joo and they are being all cute until they notice Gi Tae is there so they fake arguing, which kind of makes Dong Joo panics when it looks like Seo Jung is taking In Bum's side. Oh boy, both are so obvious.

Teacher Kim informs the chairman of his condition and later when Seo Jung and Dong Joo are putting up a huge show to make everyone think they are not dating (which is not working, they can tell they are faking it), Teacher Kim calls his team to inform them about the current situation. He is at that when Chairman Shin comes in to talk about the same, saying that he will go ahead with the surgery after all.


The epilogue shows Yeon Hwa giving Seo Jung some beverage and noticing how the senior doctor has indeed been wearing the necklace the whole day.

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