Episode 16 of Doctor Romantic came to show us more progress with Chairman Shin's decision. Let's see how that went.


Doctor Romantic

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Episode 16: Taking on a Risk

After Chairman Shin has stated his decision, Teacher Kim has a conversation with him to make sure the man is positive about all this, which is the case. Chairman Shin requests from Teacher Kim to respect his decision so the man is left to think now: can he do it or can he not? Meanwhile, Director Do talks to Chairman Shin's daughter, mentioning the option to make her the new chairwoman and such, but she tells him not to get too ahead of himself yet, her father is still alive.

Teacher Kim goes over and over how to do the surgery, whether it's possible or not. He goes over all the possible scenarios while his team watches him wondering whether he'll go with it or not. Eventually he walks up to the whiteboard and writes 6 hours. That's how long the surgery must take to be successful.

In the ER In Bum keeps scolding Yeon Hwa for every mistake she makes, which makes Nurse Park angry that he's being so mean to her, belittling her and looking down on her, but for the moment he holds back. Through her POV we can see that after the surgery In Bum took his anger on her for switching with Dong Joo, and he's been nastier to her since then.

Teacher Kim meets with Dong Joo first, asking him if the surgery is possible to be performed in 6 hours, to which the young doctor replies it's impossible. Teacher Kim asks him to really think about it, even five minutes less is helpful but Dong Joo keeps his stance. Later, he tells the others (Seo Jung, Nurse Oh and Doctor Nam) Teacher Kim's plan of reducing the time to 6 hours, saying how crazy the man is. In that moment, Teacher Kim shows up asking the others if they are on board with his "crazy idea". Nurse Oh and Doctor Nam aren't sure but Seo Jung agrees, looking actually excited and trusting Teacher Kim must have something he's not sharing to be confident to do it. Teacher Kim leaves bouncy and smiley with one person on his side.


Dong Joo takes her away to persuade her to change her mind, but Seo Jung says that no matter what, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and she wants to be part of it, and moreover she trusts Teacher Kim.

In Geosan Hospital, as Chairman Shin has decided to go, Director Do has come with a new plan to sabotage this. He goes to Doldam to offer Teacher Kim two options: either he changes the whole surgery team for a more "competent one" or he does a live surgery. Director Do knows Teacher Kim would never change his team and thinks the live surgery, under the scrutiny of experts, will be his own grave. After Director Do makes sure to insult every team and point out how "incompetent" they are by attacking their weakness points (like Doctor Nam's trial for malpractice), Teacher Kim accepts the live surgery. He reassures his team that the only reason why he thinks this is possible it's because he's working with them. He's a true leader.

Accepting the challenge, Dong Joo finally joins and accepts to reduce his time in five minutes, and like that, everyone starts joining and preparing themselves for the the big surgery. Doctors and nurses have to go over every little detail. 


Dong Joo actually asks In Bum for help to reduce the time, dividing the task. At first In Bum doesn't want to but then thinks better about it and accepts the request. Dong Joo obviously shares this with Teacher Kim who accepts immediately as long as it shortens their time. In Bum overhears with a big smile that confuses himself.

At the end of the day, Dong Joo finally realises In Bum and Seo Jung live in the same complex. Jealous, he decides to join them but as they wait for him, In Bum says to forget something and goes back. Dong Joo later joins the others. In Bum waits for Teacher Kim to tell him his intentions are honest this time, he's doing this because Dong Joo asked him. Teacher Kim just threatens him that if he makes any mistake he'll chop his hand.

In the bar, Nurse Oh and Gi Tae ask if Dong Joo and Seo Jung are dating. She denies it vehemently but everyone is suspicious. Dong Joo then, out of the blue, says "I love you" shocking everyone, until he says the same to the rest. Seo Jung almost loses her head. He continues whispering it to her and everyone watches them like "they are so dating."

The next day, everything is getting ready for the live surgery, the specialist have arrived and so a particular reporter. They are there specifically to fish for any mistake to destroy Teacher Kim. Everyone is nervous but they go in the OR, while everyone watches expectant. They start the surgery and at some point Seo Jung makes a mistake that makes her freak out, but Teacher Kim makes her pull herself together and do her job, she has prepared for this. 

They control the situation.


Outside the OR, Dong Joo and In Bum wait for their turn when they are called for an emergency, someone with an ulcer perforation, which means immediate surgery. Dong Joo asks if they can take care of that before going in, together, while inside Teacher Kim spares them one look, as if sensing there's something wrong.

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