Episode 17 of Doctor Romantic tells us how the surgery goes and what happens next. Let's see how it went!


Doctor Romantic

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Episode 17: Moment of Truth

We start with the Seo Jung's mistake and Teacher Kim managing to make her pull herself together and control the situation while Dong Joo and In Bum are called for an emergency. The latter confirms it's an ulcer perforation so they agree to do the surgery together while a nurse keeps them up to date with what's happening in the other OR.

The surgeries take place, uncannily fast and efficiently, Dong Joo and In Bum showing perfect work team and making it just in time for their turn in the other surgery. In the Lobby, the doctors watch in awe and have nothing but compliments for the incredible process they are witnessing.


The reporter sneaks out, and as Gi Tae doesn't label him as anything but another doctor, lets him go but the man only has one aim: find more about the surgery so he goes to Teacher Kim's office to gather evidence for his article.

The surgery ends in 6 hours and 2 minutes, perfectly, and the doctors can't even believe it, making Director Do angrier. The surgery team are all happy and congratulate each other, even In Bum and Dong Joo have their little Bro moment outside the OR.

With the surgery done, Director Do uses what little he has against Teacher Kim, that being the mistake Seo Jung made which could cause cerebral damage. Teacher Kim discards all their worries and says the chairman should wake up within 12 hours. The daughter accepts that and leaves with the director, while inside Seo Jung encourages the chairman to keep fighting.

When Teacher Kim finally goes to rest, Gi Tae brings the reporter who evidently has bad blood with Teacher Kim. They exchange some sharp words and finally Teacher Kim asks him if he really wants to share the truth and whether he's brave enough to do so.

In the ER, Seo Jung wants to keep working but she's told to take a break. At the same time, Chief Song is calling for her so she accepts and leaves while in the same place, In Bum has another go at Yeon Hwa for her mistake while taking the CT of the ulcer perforation patient. Nurse Park has had enough and this time confronts In Bum, but he plays the superiority card and dismisses the nurse. Nurse Oh tells him that's how it works, but the young nurse says it's not just educating Yeon Hwa, it's about denigrating her.

When Yeo Hwa tells Nurse Park she doesn't need him to stand up for her, he tells her that it's not because it's her, it's because that's not how it is in Doldam. Even when being lectured, it's done with respect and never looking down on the other person. She's being bullied because she doesn't stand up for herself, furthermore, he'd do the same for anyone in that position.

He's precious, where do I get one?

Seo Jung is taken to meet the specialist doctor and Director Do, who only have compliments for her although she's humble and recalls her mistake that costed them 10 min. Director Do is all proud and lying while she recalls how he told her she was dead to him. Obviously, she feels like crap but Dong Joo notices this and rescues her from the nasty men, taking her to the break room with an excuse. He acts all cute, saying if she doesn't stand for herself he'll have to go telling everyone he's her man and he's there for her. She just smiles fondly and tell him it's okay and they can just order food. They are adorable and Dong Joo tries to get them food, but she's so tired that ends up cuddling up to him and he's too pleased to even call.



Gi Tae calls for a meeting and Nurse Oh gets angry about the reporter and the frame situation, yet Director Yeo seems to take the reins of the problem, grabbing his hat and briefcase to go somewhere.

At the bar, Nurse Oh wonders why Teacher Kim has never said anything about it while Doctor Nam states the man has his reasons but he can't share more. All this is overheard by the reporter who later shares what he found in Teacher Kim's office with Director Do.

The director uses this to go to the hospital when Chairman Shin has still not woken up, trying to blame him of intentionally trying to kill Chairman Shin. Ludicrous, really. Director Do, playing the part of the one who wants the best for the chairman, deposes Teacher Kim of any authority and orders the specialist to step in, but he is only mumbling and making mistakes. Teacher Kim calls for Mister Go to block them all and shows them the notarised paper Chairman Shin left where it states only Teacher Kim can look after him.

Take that, Director Do.


Enraged, they can't do anything else and have to leave after Manager Joo confirms it's real and legal.

Somewhere else, Director Yeo visits a Japanese restaurant and when a lady comes to greet the new customer, her face falls. She asks what he's doing there, to which he replies he's just for some udon but it's clear there's something else. We can guess she's involved in the frame case somehow.

Regarding Reporter Oh, he is beginning to write an article to tarnish Teacher Kim's reputation even more, but changes his mind and gathers courage to call Teacher Kim and say he's ready to share the truth.

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