We get in the final few episodes of Doctor Romantic, episode 18 going in further the machinations behind Director Do's decisions and wrongdoings. Let's see how all that went.

Episode 18: Whether you want it or not

      We start with Reporter Oh calling and asking Teacher Kim for the truth. After a long pause, the doctor answers there are no facts aside the one of him running away and choosing to be a silent coward. While this happened, Teacher Kim goes over his head how every encounter he deemed insignificant at one point has actually marked him somehow, and the other people. Examples are the student that died in surgery, Seo Jung and Dong Joo. All uncannily similar in some way.

Somewhere else in the hospital, Nurse Oh is confronting and accusing Gi Tae to be Director Do's spy, but the man denies such allegations. In the udon shop, the lady owner denies remembering anything and Director Yeo insists he only came for udon so she should give him that.

With the information Teacher Kim provide, reporter Oh only creates an online comment to spread the rumours of Chairman Shin's comatose state, which leads us to Director Do and the chairman's daughter talking about their next steps in the matter. Director Do suggests closing Doldam definitely. The little… 

At Doldam, the phones start ringing with people wanting to confirm the rumours and that's where things start to stir up. And then, Director Do shows up in search for Director Yeo. As the other man isn't there, he calls to inform of the oncoming board directors' meeting and how they'll agree on closing Doldam. Director Do also makes sure to give Seo Jung a heads up but she's just disappointed, wanting to know why he's going that far. Obviously, the man doesn't answer.

Angered to know what will happened with Doldam, Teacher Kim goes to confront Hyun Jung, accusing her of just wanting her father's heritage. She denies such accusations, and in the back and forth of their argument, he tells her to hope for the best and wait until he saves her father before making any hasty decision. Amazing mic drop.


At the hospital, the staff feel angsty as they don't know what might happen with their future and have a hard time focusing on work. Yeon Hwa is trying, though, to deal with a drunk patient but he ultimately discharges himself and she can't do anything about it.

In the udon restaurant Director Yeo laments the news and how powerless he is yet how he hoped to at least once do something and side with the good people. The lady owner is shocked to know what Director Do is doing while the other man wonders how can someone who is doing the wrong still have so much power when everyone is aware he's on the wrong.

I wonder the same, every day.

Teacher Kim has had enough so when he comes back to Chief Song just being a little nasty puppet, the doctor orders Gi Tae to get rid of the trash and block everyone from Geosan to come in and take Chairman Shin away. Chief Song does warn Gi Tae to pick a side and do it wisely.

In the ER everyone is anxious and Dong Joo is the only one that asks Teacher Kim what will happen. As nothing is certain, the man orders to carry on, but that's exactly the hardest thing to do when the future is so blurry. Yet they do, they go back to take care of the new emergency patient and Yeon Hwa makes a mistake when cutting the clothes, all the feathers flying like snowflakes and working to lighten up the mood a bit.

In the ICU, Seo Jung continues next to Chairman Shin, refusing to give up and beams up with joy when the old man's fingers twitch. Outside, Geosan Hospital makes an appearance but Gi Tae has chosen his side and brings backup to block their path. And this is probably the most epic scene in the whole K-drama. Geosan team, led by Chief Song, go against Doldam team in the most hilarious slow motion fight ever.


Teacher Kim rushes to check Chairman Shin after Seo Jung informs what happened and the man confirms himself, talking to Chairman Shin and ultimately getting a response. Such a relief for them all! And with that, Teacher Kim can go back and interrupt the fight in the lobby to inform that Geosan aren't needed anymore, Chairman Shin is awake now and fine.

After being informed about Chairman Shin's condition, Hyun Jung rushes to the hospital after also sharing the news with a disappointed Director Do. She goes to Doldam and breaks down in relief when she sees her father and he can recognise her and assure her he's doing fine. Director Do also shows up and from inside the ICU Teacher Kim just sticks his tongue out at the other man.


The staff celebrates but In Bum refuses to join. Dong Joo follows him and asks him to help with the emergency patient that came with glass stuck in his stomach. In Bum doesn't beat around the bushes too much and states how he knows nobody wants to see him when his father is acting like that, but Dong Joo is precious and replies he doesn't like his father, not In Bum. The young boy can't be held responsible for his father's wrongdoings. And with that said, Dong Joo just wills In Bum to go and help and grumpily but adorably, the young doctor agrees.

When Dong Joo is leaving he receives an envelope that Director Do sent, especially to plant the seed of doubt. In this, Dong Joo reads the person in charge of his father's surgery was Teacher Kim. Uh-oh.

When Teacher Kim leaves the ICU, Hyun Jung comes to thank him and ask him to take care of her father because she's going back. They put their differences aside temporarily. The woman asks him why he chose Teacher Kim and we finally get to know that this actually came from the student who died in the OR. She met him and kept talking to him while the man refused to let her know he was the famous doctor. Back then he said he just was some Kim and she kept addressing him like that. When he gave her surgery footage she started calling him Teacher Kim. It's only after she dies and the girl's mother gives the doctor a present from the girl with the tape and a letter that he finds out she knew all along who he was. He cries heartbreakingly in his car.

In the ER, the doctors go over the glass patient and realise it doesn't seem it's life threatening, but Dong Joo is on the edge and doesn't descant anything. Then another man comes with what seems to be an aortic dissection. And then another one arrives, the man who discharged himself before with severe pain and defecating blood. The doctors have to decide which patient takes priority and Dong Joo is too emotionally involved trying to put the aortic dissection patient first, taking a look at the similar scene to the one he experienced.

Somewhere else, Reporter Oh has found Dong Joo's mother to ask her exactly who covered the costs of the damage Dong Joo caused back in the day in the hospital. She looks scared.

Teacher Kim comes to give his verdict and agrees that the man with the stomach pain should be treated first while the aortic dissection should be stabilised. Dong Joo is angry and hurt, taking his own emotions out and lashing out at Teacher Kim, accusing him of doing the same again and claiming he's now aware in the part the man had in his father's dead.


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