Tonight comes the last episode of Doctor Romantic and to get ready, let's see how things went in the very emotional episode 19 of the K-drama.

Episode 19A Righteous Person and a Untrustworthy Person

     We start with Reporter Oh asking Dong Joo's mother why she never had to pay for the damages her son caused and simultaneously, Dong Joo confronting Teacher Kim and asking him why he pushed his father's surgery back. Dong Joo's mother explains at first she was supposed to pay and go to trial, but eventually she received a call saying the hospital wouldn't press charges. In Doldam, Teacher Kim accepts he did make the decision to push the surgery but not because the other was VIP, he did it because the other patient was in a more critical state and needed surgery more urgently. It was the decision any doctor would've made and Dong Joo knows it, yet it still stings.

With that exposed, the proceed with the surgeries. Dong Joo with the alcoholic patient, Teacher Kim with the aortic dissection patient. The glass penetration patient will have to wait. Dong Joo pushes everything about his father and Teacher Kim to the back of his mind and goes into surgery, deciding to deal with his problems later.

They go in the OR and at first there's an issue with the alcoholic patient but luckily, Dong Joo manages to control it and continue the procedure. Meanwhile, outside the wife of the glass penetration patient complains and complains that they arrived first but her husband isn't in surgery. Sunbae In Soo is distressed and keeps asking when they'll be ready for surgery. The wife of the alcoholic patient seems fed up that due to the other woman the surgeries keep being rushed.


When Dong Joo comes out after performing a good surgery, the wife seems anxious he took less than two hours as expected, thinking it was because of the pressure and worrying the surgery wasn't performed as it should be. Dong Joo reassures her and she tries to clam down. He then proceeds to the next surgery after spotting and glaring at Teacher Kim.

The other surgery goes well, too.

With the surgeries done, Dong Joo confronts Teacher Kim again, asking him if he ever regrets his decision but the man doesn't because as a doctor he did what any other would've done: choosing the one that needed help the most. Dong Joo is hurting so much and it's worse because as a doctor himself he understands, but can't just forgive him because he is still that patient who died's son. Teacher Kim can't offer much comfort for the poor kid.

Later, Doctor Nam who watched this asks Teacher Kim why he lied about Dong Joo's father surgery, revealing the man wasn't aware the other patient had come first. Teacher Kim argues that even if he had known, the decision would've been the same and saying that would've only sounded as an excuse to Dong Joo.

Director Do hasn't had enough and now has released an article taking credit for the surgery and erasing Teacher Kim's name. The staff is angry but Teacher Kim says to just let it go and like, whatever. The best thing he did was giving up on his famous name so he doesn't care about not receiving credit this time. Reporter Oh goes to the udon shop to ask what happened, promising not to write an article and claiming just wanting to know the truth from one of the nurses involved in the surgery 14 years ago.

In the ICU the alcoholic patient is having withdraw symptoms that are making it all worse, and the wife of the glass penetration patient keeps putting up a show, having an argument with the other wife who thinks because of her his husband had a half-assed performed surgery and now is having a cardiac arrest. Dong Joo rushes to save the man but even after an hour the only option is to declare him dead. With the wife blaming him to do a bad surgery, Dong Joo loses his temper and lashes out at both of the wives.

Teacher Kim goes to talk to him and Dong Joo keeps screaming, knowing how ironic it is that he is angry for being blamed for bad surgery when he did everything, knowing pretty well that's the same for Teacher Kim but he can't help it and that makes it all worse. Teacher Kim doesn't say anything about that and tries to comfort him, saying that's how it is for surgeons, they end up receiving the blame. It doesn't make the young surgeon feel better and for a while he can't apologise.


Director Do says he is giving credit to the others and actually he's thinking of bringing them to Geosan Hospital. He actually invites them but as Teacher Kim isn't included, they all decline. Chief song pushes but none of them agrees. 

Reporter Oh hears all the truth from the nurse who tells him how Teacher Kim tried fighting then, but Director Do threatened him saying the ones who would actually be punished were the staff involved. Not able to be responsible for those 7 people, Teacher Kim takes all the blame and disappears. Knowing this, Reporter Oh provides Teacher Kim with evidence to go against Director Do, saying he can't reveal the truth but provides it for someone who needs it.

Doctor Nam shares another piece of truth by telling Dong Joo that another reason why Teacher Kim disappeared was to protect him, the boy who caused havoc after the surgery of Teacher Kim's disciple happened. To protect that young boy and the 7 staff member, Teacher Kim took the blame and disappeared. With hat new information, Dong Joo feels overwhelmed but eventually comes to terms and finally goes and apologises to the guardian of the glass perforation patient. Seo Jung is proud of him while Chairman Shin has an expression that reveals he's been paying close attention to everything that happens at Doldam, a hospital that treats all patients equally and with doctors who give their everything to save every patient.

Later, Teacher Kim walks in when Chief Song is trying to persuade Seo Jung again and this time he manages to make the other doctor invite him to Seoul too, agreeing and taking with him everyone else. Needless to say everyone is surprised, Chief Song even scared of what Director Do will do and say once he sees Teacher Kim at Geosan. 

Tour Teacher Kim is ready to fight this time, and with his bad-ass-looking team, they show up at the hospital party. In this occasion, Teacher Kim has in his hands the evidence and has gather the courage to reveal the truth and go head on against Director Do.


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