A new series has begun and Doctor Romantic promises to be amazing. Not only it's a medical drama but it also comes with a heavy dose of romance. The first episode surprised us and made our hearts race. It seems now I really need a doctor and I know exactly which one I'm going to ask for at the ER.

As we embark in a new journey, let me explain a bit this type of recap. While going over what happened in the episode I'll make gif sets of the three most heart fluttering scenes, those that send our hearts racing and make us squeal. Are you ready to start?

Episode 1: How to fit an elephant in a refrigerator

Our story begins quite a few years back, when the family of a young boy is asking desperately to get help for his father, but at the hospital rank is more important and the doctors take care of an assemblyman first. This negligence causes the boy's father to die, breaking the poor kid who wants to take revenge on the hospital with brute force. Luckily, a good doctor comes and after knocking the boy out, explains to him that the only way to get revenge is by being better than the ones who wronged them.

And that's how Kang Dong Joo (played by Yoo Yun Suk) becomes a doctor with a nasty personality that causes him to collide with basically everyone, especially doctor Yoon Seo Jung (played by Seo Hyun Jin), a resident in the same hospital. 

There's an emergency and all residents and interns are called to help, but Dong Joo hears another person there stating they arrived first. Being so similar to his case, Dong Joo can't ignore it and it happens to be a really bad case so he requests for assistance and someone to take care of that patient, but Seo Jung declines as said patient is stable and more critical cases keep arriving, like one man with an iron bar across his torso.

This very case brings us to the first fluttering moment. There's an accident inside the ER which causes the iron to slide outside the body, leading to excessive bleeding. The doctors have to act fast and Seo Jung, although shocked at first at the sight of so much blood, decides to operate there and look for the artery to block the bleeding. Literally, she pushes her hand inside the man until she finds the artery and blocks it with her finger, clinging to the man until they are moved to the OR. Dong Joo watches this, impressed she's just searching for the artery and acting like this. It perhaps doesn't make our heart race, but it certainly causes the first big impression on Dong Joo.



The patient Don Joo paid attention to was in very critical state and thanks to him this patient survived. However, Dong Joo reports how Seo Jung refused to help, which gets her scolded. In revenge, she tries to humiliate him and assigns all the MA cases to him. MA standing for Major Asshole. And that's how Dong Joo ends up always taking care of the worst patients, those who hit him or the ones the doctor has to take golf balls out of their bums. It's both painful and smelly, and Seo Jung is enjoying his pain.

Dong Joo can't take it for long, knowing she's doing that in revenge, so they have another fight where he calls her someone desperate to be acknowledged and she calls him a crazy psycho. But as she sees the professors and all the important people at the hospital, who barely greet her, including the man who ignored Dong Joo's father back then, Seo Jung thinks perhaps the intern is a bit right. 

That's why later she stops being so mean to him and acknowledges him for taking it all and doing so well.

And then there's another emergency with a case that didn't look that bad at first but suddenly got in a cardiac arrest. As the doctors in charge are out for dinner there's no one who can lead the surgery, but if they wait, the patient will die. The others trie to persuade Seo Jung to not do something she shouldn't and could cost her her job, but for her the patient is more important and Dong Joo has her back.

Luckily, the procedure goes well and they save the patient with a flawless team work, but later she gets severely scolded, even hit. This takes us to our second fluttering moment, when Dong Joo finds her reminding herself that it's all right because they saved the patient. Dong Joo apologises but she puts him at ease, telling him they did really well. And when she's leaving he just grabs her, pulls her against the shelves and kisses her, asking her if it's not okay to fall head over heels for her.

Am I the only one squealing right now? A kiss! On the first episode and eomeo! What a kiss!



However, Seo Jung rejects him and tells him she is dating someone. Who is this person, Doctor Moon, one of the professors in the hospital, and apparently they are going steady. He comes to pick her up but before he arrives, Dong Joo confesses (dear Lord, this is progressing so fast!), telling her it began when she blocked the artery with her finger. He says he likes her and wants to sleep with her. 

Talk about straightforward.

But then Doctor Moon arrives and she leaves, rejecting Dong Joo once again. And later in the car, Doctor Kim gives a ring to Seo Jung, asking her to marry once she finishes her residency.

They were going really steady.

But after that, and before we can actually hear the answer, they get in an accident. Seo Jung looks to have received the worst part of the blow when they arrive to the ER, Doctor Kim actually comes walking next to the stretcher and it's barking orders and taking care of Seo Jung. The doctor just cuts her clothes but Dong Joo, upon seeing this is happening, takes a sheet and covers Seo Jung to protect her dignity.

Aww, isn't he adorable, too? He doesn't want others to see her half naked. This is why this scene is heart fluttering, the way he shields her even in that situation. But what's best about this scene is how Dong Joo doesn't just take anyone's crap. Doctor Moon is saying he'll operate on Seo Jung but the intern knows the doctor has been drinking, a very important factor in the accident. Dong Joo states clearly Doctor Moon can't operate and the man can't argue.

Dong Joo is so cool!



When they are taking Seo Jung to get a CT, she tells Dong Joo that it was Doctor Moon the one who really got his head hit during the accident and asks him to go back to check on the doctor. Dong Joo does and finds the man and another nurse talking. Looks like they are having a love quarrel and before that she was also shocked to see the ring on Seo Jung's hand. Were they having an affair?

Angry, Dong Joo doesn't even want to hear them and walks away; Doctor Moon goes after him but he can't reach Dong Joo before collapsing… and dying of brain haemorrhage.

Seo Jung feels terrible because when the doctor asked her to marry, she said Dong Joo confessed and she was swayed, which made Doctor Moon upset, so she blames herself for the accident. In her desire to escape, she goes hiking, even with her broken arm, and the weight of her guilt make her trip and fall, twisting her ankle. Now she's stuck, alone, without a phone. No one can get a hold of her.

At night, someone else is hiking and spots the light of her flashlight. It's a man, who starts checking on her and even fixing her ankle, and when she aims the flashlight to him the light allows us to see it's the same doctor that change Dong Joo's life! Teacher Kim! (played by Han Suk Kyu) And now he's taking Seo Jung away.

And that's where the episode ends. Wasn't that surprising? I loved the first episode, I already loved the cast, so now I'm more into Doctor Romantic. What about you all? What out of the three scenes was made your heart race the most? 

I'll see you all on the next recap!


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