Doctor Romantic continues bringing us a big lapse in time and a big change in the dynamic. If you thought this was going to be in a big, super modern hospital, well you were wrong. Time to see how the second episode went.

Episode 2: The Last Days of Adrenaline Hypersecretion

     We were left with Seo Jung being taken away after her accident and the other people at the hospital wondering what happened with her. She is taken to a hospital where Teacher Kim tells her at best she'll only recover 70% as her injury is really bad, and worst case scenario, she'll never go back to work. We get to see Dong Joo trying to reach her but his attempts prove fruitless.

And like that five years go by. Dong Joo becomes part of the hospital along the son of Director Do, which proves connections are everything to climb the ladder of success. But an opportunity presents itself for Dong Joo when the directors ask him to save a VIP patient. This would give him recognition, but Dong Joo isn't an idiot and he understand the men are just looking for someone to take the blame as it's an almost impossible case. And this brings us to the first fluttering moment, when Director Do states he does remember who Dong Joo is and challenges him, telling the young doctor that if he wants to face him off, he needs to take the challenge. 

And that is how, although upset, Dong Joo ends up taking the VIP patient, determined to become better than Director Do and prove himself with his skills, not connections. But the case is really hopeless and although he tries really hard, there's no way to save the patient and Dong Joo ends up being transferred to the boonies, to a rundown hospital as punishment.



At first, when Dong Joo arrives he's too disappointed and hurt that that hospital is where he is going to end up working. It looks almost like an abandoned mad house from a horror movie. So he flees, going to a pub to drink and cry his sorrows, even writing his resignation letter. 

Pride always takes the best of us.

In the pub, however, a man is stuffing himself with food and chokes, collapsing on the floor. As a doctor there, Dong Joo tries to help but then another man approaches, taking the transfer notice where Dong Joo was writing his resignation letter, and then stepping in. The man, Teacher Kim, barks different orders from Dong Joo, and the latter doesn't believe the first knows what he is doing so they end up arguing about it while the patient is still unconscious. Ultimately, Teacher Kim just disarms Dong Joo and takes care of the patient, managing to make the man spit the pickle he had stuck in his throat.

As Dong Joo bet his life Teacher Kim couldn't save the man, now he has to pay and the man wasn't joking, dragging Dong Joo to the kitchen to take the young man's right hand. With help from the kitchen staff, they give Dong Joo the scare of his life, who ends up running back to the hospital he is supposed to start working at. There, as it's late and he lost the transfer notice, the man at the desk can't really help. Dong Joo is stuck there until the next day so he just sleeps in the waiting area.

The next morning the man at the desk, Jang Gi Tae, finally confirms he is a doctor transferring to their hospital and takes Dong Joo to see the Hospital director. A very kind man, Director Yoo is polite and warm while Dong Joo states clearly he doesn't plan to stay longer than two months.

Dong Joo then is taken to change his clothes and here we get to our second fluttering moment, when Seo Jung walks in right in that moment, facing each other for the first time in five years. Dong Joo is heartbroken, surprised and confused while Seo Jung looks panicked that he's there and will be working at the same hospital.



Dong Joo doesn't understand what's happening and why Seo Jung never contacted him back in all those years, why she is even in that rundown hospital and why she's changed so much. But his confusion doesn't end there because she acts as if she didn't know him, cold and detached.

Then a patient arrives after what looks like an accident. Dong Joo states they can't treat the man in their hospital as they lack equipment, but the staff keeps telling him that's not the case and they don't have the luxury to take the patient anywhere else. with all the ruckus of the argument, Teacher Kim, who had been sleeping there, wakes up and takes control of the situation. Dong Joo steps back and watches awestruck how the man moves and operates there, with hands that move in ways he's never seen before. 

Dong Joo is flabbergasted. 

After the patient is stabilised, he is taken to the OR where Teacher Kim will finish to save the patient. Dong Joo learns then that Teacher Kim doesn't care about procedures or rights because all that he cares about is saving the patient, damn the rest.

Outside the OR, Dong Joo runs into Seo Jung who is shocked to see him like this, being so coward and full of excuses instead of just doing his best to save a patient. She can't believe he's become like this and he doesn't have words to defend himself as he's now victim of the corrupt ways, sucking up to the higher-ups to keep climbing.

And talking about sucking up, he is told Director Yeo and Director Do are besties so he immediately makes sure to go fix the bad impression he made with the director. While he's at that, Gi Tae comes telling him there's an emergency with Seo Jung so they run to her and here's where the third fluttering moment comes.

Seo Jung holds in one hand a scalpel, threatening her shaking wrist as she is having a break down, struggling with the voices of the past, Doctor Moon recriminating her, tormenting her. It's evident what happened five years go, and even something when she was still a high school girl, still haunt her and what is happening isn't a rare occurrence in the hospital. Nurse Oh is trying to talk to Seo Jung but Dong Joo is too worried to stay back, and also tries to stop Seo Jung. However, the doctor doesn't know he is part of the problem, he reminds her of why she rejected the proposal, upsetting Doctor Moon, so now Seo Jung resents him too. His presence is a trigger and Seo Jung ends up slicing her wrist.



Teacher Kim arrives then, acting fast and taking Seo Jung away while Dong Joo watches with horror and frustration. The damage Seo Jung caused is deep and complicated, so they need to be fast with the surgery. In conflict with his own emotions, Dong Joo feels ashamed of his own pettiness and steps in the OR to assist Teacher Kim who threatens him; if Dong Joo makes one mistake the man is taking the right hand Dong Joo owes him.

And that's where the episode ends, before they start the surgery with me dying of anxiety. The episode was shocking in many ways and twisted my heart, seeing Seo Jung so tormented and in such pain. I'm sure Dong Joo will learn so much from Teacher Kim and it'll be a rollercoaster in that hospital. 

I really look forward to what's to come. What about you all? Did your heart race in fear or shock? Let's share our thoughts on the comments bellow and I'll see you all on the next recap.


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