The third episode in Doctor Romantic came with more struggle in the run-down hospital and a lot more of tension with Teacher Kim. Now it's time to see how it went.

Episode 3: Friday of Thirteen People

It starts right where we left off, on the OR to save Seo Jung's wrist. Teacher Kim is confident and precise and although Dong Joo isn't a complete failure, in front of a man with such experience and skills, he starts feeling overwhelmed, which leads him to very clumsy moves. At the end, Nurse Oh ends up assisting Teacher Kim and their perfectly synced work only serves to humiliate the young actor further.

After that, Dong Joo is still overwhelmed and angry at his own shortcomings, while the rest of the staff mumbles how he won't last a bit more after Teacher Kim humiliated him like that. Driven by frustration, Dong Joo goes after Teacher Kim to demand to know what kind of person he is, his speciality, because it makes no sense to him. Here's the first fluttering moment, when these two confront each other and Teacher Kim explain to the young doctor he only saves lives and won't take Dong Joo's pathetic excuses. The doctor tries to defend his honour throwing he scored the highest in the national exam, which worths nothing for Teacher Kim. For the older man, saving the patient's life is the most important thing. 

When Teacher Kim has taken the conversation by over and attempts to leave, Dong Joo calls him again asking who he really is, to which the teacher answers he's just "Teacher Kim."


The poor doctor is having a hard time so when he goes to see Seo Jung, he asks her why she's in such hospital. Obviously, she doesn't answer because she's still unconscious, and as Dong Joo watches her he recalls the tender and soft way Teacher Kim checked her temperature after the surgery. The next day, when Seo Jung wakes up and takes in where she is and what happened, cringing at her own actions. Needless to say, she doesn't stay in bed like a good patient. Instead, she gets up and walks in right when Dong Joo is asking his friend in Seoul to help him find out who Teacher Kim really is. Seo Jung interrupts then, telling the doctor on the other end of the line to not do anything about it, not even believing the things Dong Joo is saying.

Seo Jung is disappointed in Dong Joo and ends up asking him that while they are in Doldam Hospital to act as strangers, to which he doesn't exactly agree but it's not like she gives him a chance to reply. Furthermore, he makes it worse by asking her if she likes Teacher Kim, which only infuriates her, so Seo Jung ends up storming out, ranting about a crazy bastard.

As Gi Tae is the only one who looked really happy to know about Dong Joo's accomplishment, he's trying hard to persuade Director Yeo to do their best to keep the young doctor at the hospital, for the sake of Doldam. Funnily though, the rest of the people agree that it's better to hear Teacher Kim's opinion first.

Seo Jung goes back to the ER, glad Teacher Kim isn't there and then glad when there's work to do while the police arrive to question the man from the accident, who happened to be a hit-and-run and killed two students. Dong Joo is also needed in the ER and while he's taking care of a patient, Seo Jung comes claiming said patient needs immediate surgery, to which Dong Joo refuses. They can't operate on anyone without the guardian's consent, but Seo Jung talks insists saving the patient is more important. While they are arguing about that, Teacher Kim shows up and not only he takes care of the situation, but he makes sure to tell Seo Jung she is not fit to work at the hospital anymore. Someone who hurt herself and is a psychiatric patient can't attend other people, so she's basically fired.

Although Dong Joo tries to help Seo Jung's situation, it's not like Teacher Kim listens to him and with this deficiency in the ER, now Dong Joo has to take care of it. And it's Friday which means… no rest. But that's not the worst part because one of the higher ups call him telling him it's his chance to suck up to Director Do and ask him to bring him back, he only needs to be at 7 pm int hat restaurant, but in the condition the ER is, it looks fairly impossible.

Dong Joo works and when he sees an opening to run away, he takes it, and here's our second fluttering moment because when he's walking away, another case comes. Nurse Oh screams his name, begging him to help but the young doctor battles with himself, trying to take another step away when the mother of the new patient begs, cries for Dong Joo to save her son. That breaks through Dong Joo's determination and he sends everything to hell and goes back, like a hero coming back to the battle field, ready to save lives.



However, his fierce determination isn't enough and although he does his utmost best to save the poisoned man, they end up losing him and it's Dong Joo who has to break the news to the family, the two elder people. They smile brightly and ask him to speak louder while he tries to tell them their son passed away, but the couple either refuses to listen or something else. Ultimately, he ends up screaming what happened and the mother breaks down, begging him to save her son, she has yet to see grandchildren.

Am I the only one crying at this scene?

Dong Joo did his best, but he couldn't save the patient and lost his only chance to go back to the prestigious hospital. In his despair, he picks up his mother's call but instead of talking, he just cries and lets her voice console him somehow. And while all this happened, Teacher Kim  is at the casino, attending some business although it's not certain what that is just yet. However, we can conclude his target is the important looking man in the wheelchair.

Before the emergency, Seo Jung had seen a odd looking woman wander around the ER and after following her, she sees this going inside the ICU pretending to be the guardian but in fact she's there to kill the man, thinking this is who did the hit and run. Seo Jung runs to help, fighting with the woman but this attacks her instead, recriminating her for saving the killer of her son. When security comes Seo Jung tells the woman this isn't the man of the hit and run and she almost killed an innocent one. 

After all that Seo Jung faints, so later Dong Joo comes to check her as she's his patient but she doesn't want him there and avoids all of his actions, hiding from her under her blankets. And this is our third fluttering scene because despite that, he still looks at her with those fond eyes. In her attempt to hide from him, her feet are left uncovered so he pulls the blanket to cover them again, in such a soft and caring gesture, surprising her and making her heart flutter. I can almost hear it!



After that he receives a call from ER again, telling him about the burnt patients that are coming, but Dong Joo has never treated such cases and is at lost. Seo Jung jumps at the words, but she is a patient, not a doctor there anymore, she can't go and help, right?

Yeah, that's not the case. Over the phone, she assists Dong Joo to help him through the procedure and they are doing fine… until Teacher Kim shows up.

And that's where the episode ends.


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