The fourth episode of Doctor Romantic came with more confrontation and an important realization for our lead male. Time to see how it went!

Episode 4: Necessary and Sufficient Condition

     Teacher Kim arrives and Seo Jung doesn't see him at first, but once she does, she's frozen. However, the man focuses on the patient first, ignoring all the pointed looks that judge his now beaten-up looks. The burnt patients are the staff from the casino Teacher Kim frequents, Dong Joo recognizes the tattoo on the neck of the worst case, remembering him from the near-chop-hand experience. At that point, a fancy looking woman arrives declaring the company will cover all the costs and informing Teacher Kim their CEO wants to see him again, but the doctor answers that he's too busy and the CEO should come instead.

Now we are taken three hours back, when Teacher Kim was at the casino looking around until he spots a man having a stroke. His intervention helps the man but gets the doctor to be escorted to meet the CEO. The escorting goes wrong when they start beating Teacher Kim up, quite brutally. CEO's orders, apparently. And once he's been properly beaten, he is finally in front of the CEO, the man in the wheel-chair who calmly starts telling him to stop taking advantage of his costumers. They have a little verbal quarrel that  shows off the doctor's wits, but it's interrupted when a fire breaks out.

Emergency time!

Teacher Kim risks his life to save the kitchen staff. Back to the present, the chief chef goes with his men to the burnt treatment centre, Teacher Kim promising him that the men will be fine. And with the ER finally cleared, Dong Joo goes to tell Teacher Kim that he asked Seo Jung to help because he had no experience with burnt patients and it was better to get some guidance than risking the patient's life with his ignorance. 

This is our first fluttering moment, when Dong Joo tries to explain he did his best but Teacher Kim bites backs causing him of being a coward and hiding his competence in the excuse to be looking out for the patient's life. I don't know about you, but I love these confrontations, mostly because Dong Joo's face shows so many emotions and it's just so rich and intense.



After humiliating Dong Joo, Teacher Kim leaves but Seo Jung comes in then, falling to her knees and begging for a second chance, but the man ignores her and that fuels Dong Joo's frustration who ends up running towards the older man, with a battle scream that only works to alert the doctor. the fight doesn't go well, but Dong Joo continues screaming and growling, shouting at Teacher Kim because he doesn't know the type of life he's had, how hard it's been and he can't just come and be so patronising because he's older. Teacher Kim defends himself saying it's not just that, it's just that experience has taught him to distinguish between fake and real people. This only enrages Dong Joo further and this time someone has to come to break in the fight, but even then it takes Nurse Oh to unleash her true form to stop this. She shouts and scolds Teacher Kim, making him shut up. She yells at him for not congratulating Dong Joo for his great effort in the ER that day, and basically forces him to take Seo Jung back, and then she just goes back.

We know who is the real boss now.

After this, Dong Joo is informed more doctors are applying for his previous position, which means he really blew his chance. With this new knowledge, he decides to quit Doldam for sure this time and writes his resignation letter to hand in when the managing team is having a meeting. Dong Joo doesn't just quit, he has his last go at Teacher Kim, calling him off for trying to teach him to lead a decent life when he has no clue how to live right either. Although Gi Tae tries to stop Dong Joo, this just storms out and, in front of Seo Jung now, tells her he could get her a job in another hospital, if that's what she wants.

And this brings us to the second fluttering moment, now when Seo Jung and Dong Joo have a face off regarding the situation at the hospital. She is aware the place sucks, but she prefers that instead of working in a big hospital where she needs to suck up to the higher ups and live like he does. They argue, Gi Tae trying to mediate just to fail at it. Seo Jung walks away and Dong Joo tries to do the same, only to be held back by Gi Taek, until the CEO arrives.



The CEO has come to talk to Teacher Kim to show him his condition. He already had a surgery because of his heart and is now waiting for a transplant, but more surgeries will be needed before that and the old man wants Teacher Kim to perform these. Of course, Teacher Kim doesn't agree at first and then they are interrupted by Gi Tae.

In the break room, Dong Joo walks in when Seo Jung is there and she pretends to study. He doesn't buy it and ends up pulling off her earbuds and asking her if she even missed him in those five years. She explains herself saying how she was basically busy the whole time, so he understands she didn't think of him once. When he's leaving she does accept having thought of him though, but this hurts him deeper as it feels like she's throwing a bone at him now he's leaving. She doesn't apologise for it nor acknowledges it, but she does remind him that no matter what, they are and will always be doctors.

Before he can leave, Nurse Oh asks the young doctor for a last bit of help, and tries to hide his belongings when he gets in his coat. She praises his skills and how detailed he is, and asks him if he really hates Doldam, which he confirms as he doesn't see any future for him there. Dong Joo wants to be the best doctor and Nurse Oh asks him whether he thinks Teacher Kim to be a good doctor or the best doctor.

Seo Jung goes to see Teacher Kim who examines her hand and asks her why she wants to stay. He asks for three reasons and for her these are the same: learning from him. He finally reinstalls her, but she can't treat patients with her hand so she'll have to, basically, assist the nurses. It doesn't suit her, but if she doesn't do that, she's out.

Director Do comes to see CEO Shin, showing to him the best options for his surgery but the CEO has chosen Teacher Kim already and this doesn't sit well with the director who asks why he's chosen this nobody. Teacher Kim, by the way, agreed as long as the CEO would provide all the proper and up to date equipment for the surgery.

Instead of explaining, the CEO shows the footage of the fire accident and shows how Teacher Kim didn't just save the patients, he did the best to minimise the damage, which makes him the doctor the CEO needs. It's after a while watching that the director recognises the man.

Back in the ER, Dong Joo is doing his best to save a patient, doing CPR for almost three minutes when Teacher Kim arrives, just in time to see the young doctor save the patient. The older man asks him why he hasn't left to which Dong Joo replies he was just finishing here. Said patient has also a dislocated hip but Dong Joo hasn't treated that yet and Teacher Kim gets his hand on it, fixing him rather quickly and with such ease. Dong Joo is startled and ends up asking Teacher Kim whether he's a good doctor or the best one. Teacher Kim answers he is the doctor the patient needs the most. And here comes the lecture that in the end, that's what the patient really needs and the only way to prove his worth is with skills. He can't change the messed-up world, but if he wants change, he needs to change first. 

And this is when a memory strikes Dong Joo, remembering the time a doctor told him the same and finally he recognises the man when this walks away. This brings us to our third fluttering moment, when Dong Joo goes after Teacher Kim, asking for confirmation that he is that doctor back then, Bu Yong Joo, but Teacher Kim refuses the allegation, claiming he's only Teacher Kim.



Simultaneously, Director Do calls Director Yeo, furious, demanding to know if Bu Yong Joo is really at the hospital, but Director Yeo neither confirms it or denies it, while Teacher Kim just walks away from a shocked and conflicted Dong Joo.


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