The fifth episode of Doctor Romantic brings us a bit more of romantic tension and, obviously, more fighting between Teacher Kim and Dong Joo. Now it's time to see how it went!

Episode 5Principle of Relative

      We get a better explanation of how Teacher Kim left the big and important hospital he used to work and the relationship with Director Do. It seems Teacher Kim was alway impossible to tame and that didn't sit well with the director who blamed on him a negligence with a patient. Obviously, Teacher Kim is enraged with the situation and how they've dealt with the life of the poor girl, walking away from the hospital and that people while Director Do screams he'll make sure the doctor will never work in another hospital. 

In the present, Seo Jung tells the others about her new role and asks them whether she made the right choice, but no one gives her validation. Later, Dong Joo looks for her to tell her he's not leaving and why, how he knows now who Teacher Kim really is (he got that confirmation from Gi Tae who traded it so the young doctor would stay). Obviously, Seo Jung already knew and she tries to tell him that it isn't that easy to learn from Teacher Kim. Dong Joo, however, adds he's not just staying for the doctor but also because she said she missed him and if he leaves, he'll never find out why she thought of him. Seo Jung tells him they are doctors and can't have romance, but he doesn't just take that so she insists that if he has time then he should use it to eat or nap. He refutes, saying he can do those things with her, after all isn't that dating?

HE IS ON ATTACK MODE AGAIN, MY HEART! Hence why this scene is the first fluttering moment. I adore when Dong Joo is that straightforward. I makes my hear race.



There's an accident with a truck driver who dozes off and runs over a big group of cyclists, with catastrophic results. These are taken to the hospital where the staff are rushed to work, doing their best to save them. Dong Joo has changed his attitude already, being complacent and wanting to assist Teacher Kim during surgery. Although surprised at first, the doctor doesn't argue much, but it's impossible for the young doctor to do as desired when more than one patient needs surgery.

While Teacher Kim is operating on one patient, with Seo Jung assisting, Dong Joo is simultaneously operating on another one with the assistance of Doctor and Nurse Oh. However, what they didn't know then was that these patients were all cancer survivors and not only that, the one Dong Joo is working on is a hepatic cancer patient. The same illness the VIP patient that died on him and caused him to be kicked out had.

And here he has to war the flashbacks. The only one who knows of this trauma is Gi Tae who immediately asks Teacher Kim for help, but this isn't much interested until he learns about this particular detail about the VIP patient. Gi Tae goes to the other operating room just when Dong Joo realises the similarity, his shock making him stop and the trauma freezing him.

This is our second fluttering moment. Dong Joo breaks, apologising for not being able to save the patient. Teacher Kim is on the phone there, telling him to keep going and never give up as regret is worse than actually failing. Dong Joo really can't do it, crying, so Teacher Kim tells him then to just close up the patient if he's going to let him die anyway, and then hangs up. That shocks Dong Joo, but not only that helps him to make up his mind, Nurse Oh tells him there's still a chance, it's not that bad, the patient is holding on. They'll do whatever dong Joo decides, so he takes a deep breath, let the last tears fall down and steps forward, to save the patient.



Just a bit later, Teacher Kim comes to help him and correct him before he makes a mistake, leading a successful and amazing surgery. When Seo Jung sees this, how Teacher Kim actually worked with Dong Joo, feels jealous, but later she witnesses Teacher Kim barking at Dong Joo again, criticising him for his behaviour, changing so much and making such mistakes as not checking the history of a patient. Per usual, they have a nasty fight that humiliates the young doctor and once again leaves him feeling like a worthless piece of trash.

It's Seo Jung who comes to comfort him later, telling him she warned him about Teacher Kim's nasty personality. Still, she's envious because at least he isn't being ignored, which she thinks it's worse, as she's the one going through that. It seems to make Dong Joo consider things from another perspective. 

Director Do is still angry because Teacher Kim is in that forsaken hospital, so he decides to make use of Dong Joo and sends the others to do the job. Doctor Song asks Dong Joo's friend to go to the hospital and get the young doctor out for some drinks, and oddly, Director Do's son also wants to join when he hears they are going there.


At the hospital, Sunbae In Soo looks for Dong Joo around, but this one aside from being gladly surprised, isn't much interested in going out with him as he's busy. Meanwhile, Do In Bum is looking for Seo Jung. Does he know her from before? When he finds her, she's enthusiastically singing to Big Bang's Loser and doesn't notice him until later, when he scares the living days out of her. She doesn't recognise him but she stares at her like he does, like he longs for her. 

What's there story there?

This is our third fluttering moment, when In Bum is telling Seo Jung he's looking for the "Crazy Whale," which happens to be her. Right then, Dong Joo arrives, looking both angry to see him and jealous he's near Seo Jung. He asks the other man why he's there and calling him off for being Director Do's son.



At the same time, Teacher Kim sees Chief Surgeon Song and demands to know why he's there, to which he explains Director Do sent him after finding out he was going to operate on CEO Shin. Director Do just can't accept as that CEO is one of the most important founding people at the Geodae hospital.

Well, I agree with Teacher Kim: "Dam it."


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