Episode 6 of Doctor Romantic came to prove the relationships between the two hospitals are about to become more entangled than any of the characters would want. Time to see how that went.

Episode 6: Motivation

        The episode starts with a memory, many years ago, when Seo Jung was still a student. Shortly, in a previous episode we saw another memory of hers in which she found someone bleeding out after cutting her wrist, maybe her mother. This memory takes place after that, when Seo Jung takes this person to the hospital, to a younger Director Do who consoles the young girl. She came to him because her mother left a note, which makes Seo Jung ask the doctor if he is her father.

Then we're back int he present, Dong Joo asking In Bum why he's there but the young man pretends to be lost, Seo Jung recognises him now as the son of Director Do and is glad to see him, recalling when they were introduced long ago and the director told the boy to just call her noona (older sister). He feigns not to remember and rushes out of the place, grabbing a taxi that's just coming. The driver looks a bit sick, but for money he takes the ride to Seoul.

And then we get to our first fluttering moment just because it's a scene that makes me scream with pride and joy. After the cyclists accident, some of the relatives comes causing a ruckus, angry with the situation and threatening to call the higher ups. Seo Jung is trying to calm him down but it doesn't work, so Nurse Oh steps in with all the diplomacy she can, but after being shoved by the man, she loses her temper and screams at him, putting him back in his place and winning.

Nurse Oh is the real boss here and we all know it.



After that things calm down a bit so Dong Joo steps out to have that drink with Chief Surgeon Song and his sunbae, thinking Teacher Kim is still there but the man is visiting the chairman to ask for even more for the surgery. CEO Shin is confused as to why the other man would ask for more and Teacher Kim being Teacher Kim just tells him if he doesn't want to supply for all that, then to look for another doctor and leaves. The sharp looking woman finds him later to show him what Director Do plans to do, in hopes to persuade him to take a side actually.

At the hospital, when they realise the two surgeons are out they try not to panic, hoping no emergency will come, but alas, that's not the case. In current panic, they try to reach both surgeons to no avail. The patient is the taxi driver and he comes with In Bum who expects Seo Jung to bark orders but she isn't allowed yet. The patient is a case of peritonitis so they need to hurry, and because of that In Bum offers to do the surgery himself, but he's not a registered surgeon there so it's illegal. However, in that situation, there's no other alternative and Seo Jung takes the decision to let him do it.

And here's our second fluttering moment, with Dong Joo trying to get there as soon as possible, getting caught in the middle of an accident, with Teacher Kim no where to be found yet and In Bum and the others in the OR, waiting to start. With Dong Joo still caught on his way, there's no other option but having In Bum doing it, and he's fast, precise and great. Dong Joo is too late and then Teacher Kim arrives and it's when things get real.



Teacher Kim is angry, an unregistered doctor can't operate in his hospital so they need to settle that. Just then, Director Do shows up, angry after CEO Shin has asked him to take care of the equipment for Doldam Hospital. It gets even worse when they realise it's Director Do's son the one who performed the surgery.

Seo Jung tries to take the blame, but In Bum tries to say the truth and it's just a pull and push. Finally, Seo Jung steps in saying she did what a doctor would've done and she doesn't regret it. Outside, to Dong Joo, Teacher Kim admits to be proud of how she handled the situation, still, In Bum has to face the consequences.

Director Yeo, Director Do and Teacher Kim have a meeting where they have to settle this situation and what Teacher Kim asks in return to save his son, is actually his son because good doctors is what they need in the hospital. Furthermore, Teacher Kim needs to stop Director Do form taking over Doldam to treat a assisted living facility. Needless to say, it makes Director Do furious to know Teacher Kim wants to raise In Bum to a greater doctor.

After the emergencies have been handled, it's time to finally take a break and when Dong Joo goes into the break room he finds Seo Jung sound asleep already. This is our third fluttering moment because it's just so cute how he covers her up and watches her sleep, cautiously checking her wrist and then taking her hand, always watching her with the fondest eyes and ultimately falling asleep with her.

Aren't they the cutest?



The peace and quiet of that moment last a bit because the next day there's a big emergency that comes in the form of many doctors from Geodae hospital, including Chief Surgeon Song, In Bum and Dong Joo's sunbae and friend, who happened to have just been transferred to Doldam.

Things are about to get more interesting.


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