Finally, expire 7 of Doctor Romantic came out. I'm not saying I was eagerly waiting for it but we all know I was eagerly waiting for it. I'm so hooked with this k-drama. What about you all? And are you ready to recap what happened on this episode with me?

Episode 7: The Unexpected Factor

      So, after this team from Geodae hospital arrived, we can see how Director Do asks Chief Song to go there just to end Teacher Kim's career definitely, doing everything in his power to accomplish that, including taking many of the best qualified doctors with him. Director Do also tells his son that he is bellow Dong Joo in everything so he needs to go to Doldam just to win once, that's all he asks for. Obviously, this hits a sore spot and makes In Bum very grumpy, and he constantly lashes against Seo Jung who is kinder to him. In fact, he yells at her, telling her how she makes him feel uncomfortable and to please stop, and instead of fighting back, Seo Jung only wants to understand and apologies.

In Bum's rudeness makes Dong Joo interfere, trying to put him back in his place but the other doctor just shrugs them all off and storms out. This is the first fluttering scene, when Seo Jung and Dong Joo are the only ones in the break room and he asks her what's her relationship with In Bum. Seo Jung declares it's the same as it's with Dong Joo: sunbae-hobae. Dong Joo is flabbergasted because, isn't their relationship somewhat different? At this statement, Seo Jung laughs and pushes him a bit, finding him cute which is offending for a man who isn't a kid. That only makes him look cuter and she keeps telling him how childish he acts at times.

I don't know if he's left giggling because he can't believe it or because he's offended. Maybe a bit of both; still, he's cute.



The new team is pushing the employees and Nurse Oh wants Teacher Kim to do something about it, but he only tells her to leave the new members be. Basically, they came to improve the hospital although they have ulterior motives, but there isn't much they should do.

Teacher Kim doesn't regret leaving them be when he sees how happy Seo Jung is with all the new shiny and modern equipment, bouncing like a little girl and hugging the machines. It's most adorable. Teacher Kim smiles fondly and continues while the hospital adjusts to the new members, and then new patients arrive.

Doctor Nam brings a man that was stabbed several times, deeply. Moreover, part of the blade even got stuck near the patient's spine so they need to do surgery. But Dong Joo and In Bum aren't around so the patient that couldn't pay and offered to work for them instead (yes, the one that's crushing so hard on Doctor Kang) runs to get them. 

Dong Joo and In Bum are having a face off where the former rubs in the face of the latter how he has nothing on Dong Joo but his connections. In Bum ends up punching Dong Joo and before this can throw a punch back, the girl is back telling them they are needed in the ER. Once there, Teacher Kim tells them In Bum will lead the surgery and Dong Joo will assist, which only makes Doctor Kang even more annoyed.

Next to this patient, there's another one Seo Jung and Dong Joo's sunbae are taking care, someone whose heart stopped and whose future looks gloomy. The treatment that could help him is really expensive and his family isn't well off, but they still want to try anything to save the life of the man.

Dong Joo doesn't want to assist so he stays behind, until finally he makes his mind, (after almost bumping into the quiet helping girl who only falls deeper for him) but by the time he does it, Teacher Kim has decided to assist himself and kicks Dong Joo out of the OR when he comes in, humiliating the young doctor, yet once again.

And here comes the second fluttering moment, after Seo Jung has discharged a patient who came just to annoy them (in reality he came to finish the subbed patient), she runs into Dong Joo who's sitting outside the OR. He's in a bad mood because he was kicked so she conforms him somehow and treats his wound form the fist fight, making him immediately change his attitude, going forward and asking her to date him so he'll forgive her for calling him childish.

He's always so straightforward! I never see it coming and it always makes my heart race.

Obviously, Seo Jung rejects him but he tells her that he'll be asking her two more times and that if she continues rejecting him, then it's over so she better thing about it.



This rude man that showed up at the OR is back and this time Dong Joo runs into him in the bathroom and the doctor notices something suspicious about him, what looks like a weapon he's carrying, so he assumes this man must be the gangster that stabbed the patient in the OR.

Plus, the man mumbles something about a woman and Dong Joo immediately knows it's Seo Jung, so he rushes to warn Gi Tae to get the police and make sure Seo Jung is safe, which she is as long as she stays in the ER.

Does she stay there? Of course no, she escapes her sunbae when this starts asking her why she didn't do the expensive procedure, who has started to suspect she's hiding something (the fact she's a non-clinical personal). Meanwhile, Dong Joo goes into the OR to warn them there's a gangster and Teacher Kim only scolds him, so the young doctor loses a bit his temper, trying to understand why what he did was so bad. They are almost done with the argument when the doors slams open and Seo Jung shows up, earring a growl form Teacher Kim. 

But she isn't there because she wants to, oh no, she was threatened there by the gangster. This is our third fluttering scene because it scares us as the gangster puts the blade against Seo Jung's throat while they step inside the OR, the gangster threatening the doctors to stop the surgery or the pretty girl dies. Dong Joo is frantic, trying to make sure she's okay. The hesitation from the other doctors makes the gangster fed up and without waiting for anything else, he just pulls Seo Jung with the blade while Dong Joo screams, leaving us with the worst cliffhanger!



Did he hurt her? Will she survive? When she was recovering from slicing her wrist, now this. Poor Seo Jung.

I can't wait for episode 8, thank goodness it comes out in a few hours. Until then!


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