Episode 8 of Doctor Romantic came after that horrid cliffhanger to let us know how our beloved characters survive this new crisis. Let's see how that went.

Episode 8: The Manifestation of Humanism

     The episode begins where it was left off, with Seo Jung being held hostage so the doors will stop the surgery, but even in such moment of crisis, Teacher Kim refuses to give up on the patient. Ultimately angry, the man loses his temper and shouts the cruel reality: No, he ins't a gangster but a victim of the man in the bed. He was just a hardworking man and when he was working late, the stabbed man broke in his house and raped both his wife and 11-year-old daughter, causing the former to have a miscarriage. After such atrocity, the man was punished but lightly, and showing after good behaviour was released. This was like rubbing in the victim's face the injustice of it so the man decided to take it in his hands.

This is our first fluttering scene for it shows the vulnerability of a heartbroken and desperate man and the difficult decisions doctors must make. The poor man begs the doctors to not save such horrible man but Teacher Kim still refuses, saying will do his job, after all doctors are supposed to save people regardless of what they did, and after that the man can do what he thinks is right. Shaken and after finding out he was exposed and the police have come for him, the man gives the doctors half hour to finish the surgery so now they are under a rush. In a very anticlimactic way, Teacher Kim requests for music. Hey Jude by The Beatles starts playing and it seems to get to the man and everyone else around.



When the surgery is done, Teacher Kim asks everyone to leave and he stays behind to tell the man he shouldn't become a murderer for such a man who might not even walk again and who will be severely handicapped even after the surgery, wishing to be dead instead. The doctor pleads in behalf of the young girl waiting for her father, needing her father. After that he walks away, into the hall surrounded by police officers that were called to control the situation. The man inside approaches the patient and seems to be ready to strike, but cries in a agony at the end, giving up and turning himself in. For his family, his daughter, he doesn't become a murder but he goes to prison still and his family hug him tightly.

Everyone is surprised the situation ended without anyone dead and without major complications, even Seo Jung looks fine although Teacher Kim does worry about her and warns her not to develop another PTSD. This is overheard by the head nurse who immediately reports to Chief Song. Obviously.

Although no one died, the situation still needs to be handled by the authorities and Chief Song is trying to use this chance to get rid of Teacher Kim. Needless to say, Teacher Kim is having none of that nonsense and makes sure to tell him off for his pathetic attempt.

With things a bit calmer, Nurse Oh and Doctor Nam discuss how it seemed that Teacher Kim skipped one important procedure and whether this was intentional or not. In the hospital, Teacher Kim goes to see the patient mumbling how what he did was enough, which can imply he did it on purpose to punish the rapist. He also recalls talking to the victims and telling the girl to come see him because he would fix her with no cost.

Meanwhile, In Bum is shown where he'll be living now, with Seo Jung and Dong Joo (who decided to stay at the hospital that night). At the hospital, Teacher Kim is attending a new patient, 2PM's Chansung's cameo (cue the fangirl screams!). Dong Joo watches him thinking how that man always makes him feel smaller as a doctor. He asks the older doctor how he managed to stay calm, to what Teacher Kim reveals he wasn't, he was just being idealistic, or what others would say, romantic. Dong Joo scoffs at that but the doctor insists and after a bit more of that going back and forth, Teacher Kim tells Dong Joo that although he knows how to work, he doesn't know why he's working and that's what he's lacking. This clearly impacts Dong Joo who later takes a patient instead of rousing the tired and overworked Teacher Kim.

The next day, Seo Jung confront In Bum and tells him clearly they are not related, his father only helped her like he helped her mother, but they really aren't siblings. He doesn't seem to believe it but it matters little when inside the son of the man whose heart stopped in the previous episode, the one under the temperature treatment, comes to make a scene because the outrageous costs of such treatment. The young man claims it is just to take advantage of the poor, but Dong Joo tries to explain it isn't the case. Seo Jung steps in, and this is the second fluttering moment because it breaks our hearts seeing how the family fight over doing their utmost to save the father's life, even if they don't have money because if there's a little bit of hope, then they are holding on to it. 

The son just walks away, as broken as the other family members.



In Director Yeo's office we can see now two men wanting to know exactly what happened with the hostage situation and the way Teacher Kim handled it, clearly wanting to make him at fault of bad practice. On top of that, they add the fact they have a doctor with PTSD working there and they were aware of it. These men have come to make an investigation and Teacher Kim decides not to cooperate because it doesn't matter, they will twist his words anyway to accomplish what they want. The only thing the man requests is for them to not touch the others or the hospital. Because he refuses to cooperate, the men refutes his right to practice as doctor.

Meanwhile, Seo Jung is under psychiatric evaluation that was ordered by Director Do, demanding the psychiatrist to do everything to break her, pushing the young doctor to her limit. The psychiatrist does as told and Seo Jung tries her best to hold herself together but still being honest because she cannot not do that, after all, she is a doctor and she needs to be at her best.

Angry because of all this that's happening, Teacher Kim can't deal with Chief Song's provocations, who's throwing at his face how he'll lose another adoring subject. When Teacher Kim is about to lose his temper and hit the other man, CEO Shin comes in claiming he was told to get himself checked in to finally have his surgery. Dong Joo appears then, with a proud grin across his features. He's constantly been questioning whether Teacher Kim is really a psychopath or not, and after Chief Song pushed him to choose a side, it seems the young doctor is leaning to Teacher Kim's side as he was the one who called CEO Shin.



That's where the episode ends and we are more than ready to see how it continues now that episode 9 is around the corner. With Teacher Kim forbidden to perform as a doctor, what's going to happen?


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