With the investigation in Doldam Hospital, things get chaotic in Doctor Romantic. Episode 9 comes to show us how things evolve in the story. Let's see what happened.

Episode 9: The Limits of Goodness

     The episode begins where we left off, with Chief Song pressing Teacher Kim's buttons when CEO Shin comes in. Obviously, Teacher Kim has to explain to him there was a mistake and the man can't have the surgery yet. In that moment, the men in suit come and start nagging about the doctor being suspended from duty. CEO Shin is confused and demands to know what's happening, which means bringing Director Do to the hospital. 

Teacher Kim scolds Dong Joo for being stupid, telling him that Director Do will do anything and CEO Shin is aware of the type of person the director is, so is the man really on their side? 

The first fluttering moment comes when Dong Joo relates the typical opening monologue about how things are in this era, when people don't care about other's suffering, at least not really, and the example is Seo Jung who is being pushed to the point of breaking. She can't answer the question about if she's wanted to die, and when she runs into Dong Joo at the door, he can't offer any words of comfort for her and she just leaves, while the young doctor watches the psychiatrist finishing his report.



Director Do, Teacher Kim, Director Yeo and CEO Shin have a meeting where the former what happened to the CEO and both Director Yeo and Teacher Kim explain their side of the story. This obviously evolves in an argument where they throw at each other how one value more their duties and morals, so Director Do replies he will not cease and go by the book to punish them for their wrong doing, which means CEO Shin can't have Teacher Kim operating on him. The old man tries to tell the other to just fire Seo Jung, as she is the big point of conflict, but they can't give up on her yet they don't know how to fix the situation.

In the ER, Seo Jung hears that Teacher Kim has been suspended of duties and that it's because of her, which obviously comes like a slap across the face for her. Just like the one she gets from Director Do when they talk and he loses his temper, claiming she stabbed him in the back for being there and especially when she defends Teacher Kim. After the slap, he states she's dead to him.

It's not a good day for Seo Jung.

After much thought, and avoiding everyone else, she writes a resignation letter and hands it to Doctor Nam who delivers it to Teacher Kim. Obviously, they don't want to accept this and the man orders Dong Joo to get her back before the day ends, so he sets off to find her.

Big problem though, it's Friday which means ER of Hell, and none of the surgeons are available, which leaves everything in the hands of Sunbae In Soo and Chief Song.

In Bum saw what happened with his father and Seo Jung so later he offers her a ride and ends up taking her to Seoul. During this time, Dong Joo is frantically looking for her and calls In Bum, who easily tells him he's with Seo Jung going to Seoul. On their way, they stop to get food and he manages to make her talk about what she did, the resignation letter and basically give in and tell him how she feels. She realises she has nowhere else to go and can't just leave Doldam so she runs to find the psychiatrist.

This is the second fluttering moment because it takes all her courage to finally answer the question and say she never wanted to die; actually, she just wanted to live despite everything and that made her feel so guilty because she shouldn't have felt like that, but she couldn't help it. She wants to live. This is the answer the doctor wanted from her, and what he knew already, because when he gives her a copy of the result, it reads she doesn't have PTSD but was just victim of stress.



Relieved and happy again, she can go back and just in that moment, Dong Joo arrives to pick her up. They have a very touching moment together, especially because it's the first snowfall and while they watch, he holds her hand in the most adorable way. I just squeal with fangirl feels.

At Doldam is chaos and the few remaining doctors are in a living hell. It's so bad Chief Song actually escapes because he can't take it. But it gets worse because with the first snowfall at night, the roads get frozen and it becomes really dangerous. 

On the motorway, some men come to pick boxes that must've fell from a truck or something and on their way a couple of drunk idiots come playing with their car while singing to Cheer Up by Twice. Obviously, this can only end up in an accident.

Dong Joo is driving the two of them back to Doldam, laughing together while they make impressions of Teacher Kim and in their distraction they almost crash with a big truck that's blocking the way. When they get out the car and see what happened, they witness a six-car crash that looks horrendous.

At the hospital, Teacher Kim is trying to help with all the emergencies, especially after Yoon Hwa intubated a patient herself realising this was in a worse state than previously diagnosed. However, the men in charge of the investigation come to nag and insist he can't even be in the ER. There's a real emergency, he needs to perform the surgery as no one else is available but this man keeps insisting. Before the doctor loses his temper, Nurse Park strikes a surprising blow. The cute nurse has a temper too! It really surprised me, this is why it's the third and last fluttering scene for this recap.



Things are bound to get messy in the next episode.


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