The final episode of Doctor Romantic came to show us how naturally things fall for their own weight without extreme drama, but patience. Let's see how this story ended.

Final episode: The Rules of Maintaining Romanticism

The episode starts with Teacher Kim going with his team to Geosan to confront Director Do once and for all. At first the latter acts cocky, as if Teacher Kim couldn't stop him, but the doctor shows the card in his sleeve. Once Director Do realises that these papers without legal power can still jeopardise his work he tries to bargain with Teacher Kim. Ha, as if he didn't know what the other man is like. Obviously, Teacher Kim just reminds him it's pointless and that this is the beginning of the end for him, then walks away. While the doctor is getting all the attention from the other young doctors, Director Do loses his cool and charges against Teacher Kim, ending in a fist fight. But as in every K-drama, it can't end in that and while they roll on the floor, they knock the ice sculpture that falls on them. Teacher Kim ends up with a wrist injury and unconscious.



Doldam team takes Teacher Kim to the ER in Geosan and they do their job. Once the doctor is awake, he asks his disciples to leave the room to talk alone with the doctor in charge. Outside, they are anxious trying to know whether the injury is bad or not, but no one wants to tell them.

Director Do refuses to get treatment, only his wounds clean but he's so angry nobody can really touch him. In Bum comes in and does the job and while he cleans, the young boy explains that he always loved being Director Do's son as that was the best credential he could get. Only in Doldam that was useless and he stood with his own merits, which weren't enough and made him feel so bad at first. Yet… he still wants to be called for his name from now own and decides to stay in Doldam, refusing to follow his father orders.

The baby has grown up so much.

Seo Jung meets with the nurse that had an affair with Doctor Moon, although the doctor never found out. The nurse wishes her well and looks at the doctor with guilt in her eyes but she doesn't confess, not even when Seo Jung spots the picture of her son who is just 5 years old. Ohh, so she had a baby with Doctor Moon. No wonder she looked guilty. But the nurse wishes Seo Jung will be happy and leaves.

Teacher Kim can be discharged and after saying it's all right, they can all go back to Doldam to their usual lives. Chairman Shin is doing a lot better and while he is still in the ICU he seems to befriend the webtoon artist next to him, who is waiting for transplant but has a more specific case and requires a more expensive procedure he can't afford. He is left with a pensive expression after the news he'll be moved to a normal room.

In the ER, they have a new patient that's having difficulties. Yeon Hwa was in charge of her and when In Bum asks her if she checked the patient's allergies she can't really remember. With Nurse Park there she tries to stand for herself and remember. Although she did, she did not finish the chart so In Bum holds on to that to keep scolding her until Nurse Park snaps and yells at him.

The tension between doctor and nurse continues so they take it outside, raising their voices and attracting attention. The others get in between, trying to calm them down and stop the argument. In Bum finally asks why Nurse Park cares so much, whether he is Yeon Hwa's boyfriend and after the awkward silence, both Yeon Hwa and In Bum are taken away by their colleagues, thinking that there's something between In Bum and Yeon Hwa.

Nurse Oh and Seo Jung tray to make Yeon Hwa confess if she likes In Bum or something, but the girl says she likes someone else. When the women ask who this man is, the young doctor answers with a lovesick grin that she likes doctor Kang Dong Joo. At the same time, In Bum reassures Dong Joo Yeon Hwa is far from his type and he really doesn't like her. When Dong Joo asks who would be In Bum's type, the boy answers it's Seo Jung and Dong Joo immediately reacts like the cute jealous boyfriend he is.

Outside, the couple meet to share their findings, surprised to mind out they are the object of affection of the other doctors and wondering if that will affect them. They agree it won't and when Seo Jung is leaving and Dong Joo calls he loves her, instead of cringing she only mumbles okay and walks away, leaving a grinning Dong Joo behind.

Teacher Kim, even with his wrist unmobilised, manages to keep everyone working. Giving Dong Joo important cases and such. The staff think the injury might be more than he lets see and they worry. Seo Jung asks Teacher Kim if he's really okay and with a grin he reassures her that's the case. Seo Jung reminds every time he said the same when she was healing and realises in that moment he was always right, hence she should trust him this time too.



The chairman's is doing really well and soon will be discharged, which is a relief. When the doctor is sharing the news and dismissing what happened with Director Do, the very man comes in and after Teacher Kim leaves. The director goes to his knees and starts explaining, apologising and all that, digging his own grave because Teacher Kim didn't say anything, he did and now Chairman Shin wants explanation. Outside, Teacher Kim listens to what happened with a satisfied expression. 

With things calm now, the staff go to celebrate to the bar, having a great time together and being like a big happy family. The only one who isn't present is Teacher Kim who stayed behind. The doctor runs into the director who asks if he's satisfied and what he'll do, but Teacher Kim is at ease. He is just trying to be a real doctor, following his romantic principles. Director Do asks if he really thinks other doctors will follow him and the man is certain there are some who will, In Bum included. Teacher Kim leaves laughing happily.

Although the staff is celebrating, they can't do that for long because they get a call from the ER telling them of an accident and a fire so they'll have 10 new patients. Everyone rushes diligently back to the ER without complaints, because they are beautiful like that. And once in the ER, showing up like the amazing team they are, Teacher Kim watches them with proud eyes and happy smile. His kids are precious, I agree.



Later, in the ICU the webtoon artist keeps working and struggling with his health when Manager Joo comes in to tell him she's there to buy his talent. In exchange for his art, the sponsor will pay for the surgery so the man can live. Needless to say how this brings the artist to tears and my own heart gets moved. Chairman Shin has an artificial heart but I guess it's made of gold.

When the crises in the ER has been managed, Teacher Kim goes to his office to find a book with a story drawn by the webtoon artist. This book tells the story of a greedy old man who was hated by everyone, and for that reason when he had a heart attack, nobody helped him. Until one single doctor grabbed the old man's hand and saved him. The last page asks Teacher Kim if he remembers that doctor and with a big smile, the doctor laughs and realises it was him. With a content expression, Teacher Kim looks out of the window.

In his office, Chairman Shin reviews the plans for the trauma centre. He comments on the beautiful sunshine, which means he's happy to be able to appreciate that. And I'm positive he'll provide the financial aid to get that centre. Beautiful old man.

And although the episode could've ended there, we get one glimpse of a woman arriving to the hospital. When Teacher Kim is walking to the ER he runs into her, freezing on his spot with a shocked expression. She turns and greets him informally, saying it's been a while.

THEN WE GET A NOTICE THAT THE PREQUEL OF HIS FIRST LOVE WILL COME! That is a good way to make the broadcasting of episodes even. I can't wait to see the story of Teacher Kim's first love.

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