Just last Thursday, I turned my alarm off in the morning (without being conscious), and went right back to sleep, causing me to be almost two hours late to an appointment. Too bad I didn't have this flying alarm clock.

No more turning your alarm off and rolling over only to go back to snoozing again. A Chinese company recently developed the incredible Flying Alarm Clock, equipped with a propeller that kicks in after the alarm goes off. Once the propeller starts spinning, it detaches from the clock and flies away. The only way to turn the loud alarm off is to reattach the propeller onto the clock. To do that, you will definitely have to get out of your warm, comfortable bed, and only then will you finally have your silence. You'll also most probably be wide awake. 

But beware...if you forget to turn your alarm off for the weekend, an annoying flying propeller will be hovering around your room at 6:30 in the morning, and you'll have to get out of bed to retrieve it. You won't be thinking your genius clock is so cool after all.

Available on www.donya.jp.

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