Join CNBlue, FT Island, AOA and more in the FNC Entertainment family! The respected entertainment agency is traveling overseas to find the next big Hallyu star. They are holding auditions for singers, dancers, actors, models and instrumentalists in the United States and China this spring. 

On May 8, FNC stops in Orange County, California. They plan to hold the remaining auditions in China's cities of Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou on May 14, 21, 28 and June 4. 

Following the positive response they received from last year's auditions in the USA, the agency expects many will be interested this year too. I wonder how many aspiring stars will show up for this rare opportunity to be hired by a South Korean entertainment agency. Big name agencies like SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have frequently traveled the world looking for brand new talent, but other companies are finally discovering gifted youngsters in other countries too.

You can visit FNC's audition website for more information about the global auditions.


Click Your Heart

Starring Kwon Min Ah (Min A) and Baek Ju Ho

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