In recent years, Japan has been going through a "character" boom. It seems as though as long as anything or anywhere can be represented by a character, it is, from prefectures to cities, beverages, and even food products. A food company has decided to promote its local ginger and scallion, and it's doing it in a most novel way: it's letting anyone become their ginger and scallion characters!

Iwashita Foods, a traditional Japanese preserved foods manufacturer in Iwate, Japan, is having a little fun in promoting their ginger and scallion. They're having an online photo contest, inviting anybody to dress up as their ginger and scallion characters by putting the head costumes on and posting the photos on their website. Iwate Foods has set a goal if 10,000 participants. Photos will be exhibited at various events held by the company, and there may be a surprise in the works.

This is actually a very cool way to promote a food product, especially if the food is a vegetable, fruit, or anything else nutritious and good for you. Kids love characters!

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