When one thinks of Japanese food, curry rice is not the first item that comes up in the minds of most people. But in fact, the Japanese are very much a curry-loving people, so much that a company just released some curry rice necklaces, and they're already on the way to being sold out.

The younger generation in Japan is known around the world for their love of fashion. When you mix that with their love of curry rice, what you get is the newly released "curry rice necklace." Created by food sample company Hatanaka, these necklaces look so much like the real thing that if they had that curry aroma, there'd be a danger of some drunken fools breaking their teeth on them. This loaded curry is topped with some delicious-looking green peas, and the necklace itself is designed to accentuate your sexy shoulder line. Because of the high quality, this curry necklace goes for 7900 yen, a little less than 70 dollars, but that's a small price to pay for looking spicy.

If you're looking to look sweet, there's a strawberry with whipped cream necklace as well, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. There are also omelette, salami, spaghetti neopolitan, citrus fruits, and many more, all depending on your taste. A more luxurious shark fin necklace is available for 10,000 yen, or about 85 dollars, but beware of upsetting some folks with that one!

Whatever food you choose, you're bound to look delicious.

Spaghetti Neopolitan, Japanese style



Shark fin necklace

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Citrus fruits necklace

Sweet strawberry and whipped cream