I just did it again this morning! How many times have you been ready to walk out the door in the morning, only to have no idea where your phone is? Now thanks to a company from the northernmost island of Hokkaido in Japan, you can kiss those days goodbye with the help of some realistic-looking food sample smartphone stands.

Someone realized these food samples from Japan were just too incredible to be used for the sole purpose of being put on display outside restaurants. Besides being incorporated into keychains, hair pieces, and other toys, they are now on the market as smartphone stands. E-commerce company Hamee, whose slogan is "Delivering smiles and happiness to the customers all over the world," came out with three new food sample smartphone stands: curry soup, corn on the cob, and salmon and Ikura sushi. All life size, they are made so your phone can fit both horizontally and vertically. Priced at around 100 dollars for the curry soup and 40 each for the corn and sushi, they can be used for not only phones, but as photo stands and even calendars. As Hamee says, they are sure to bring you happiness and make you smile.

The only problem with these stands is if you purchase them, there's always the danger of sticking your phone in a real bowl of curry soup if you're not paying attention.

Curry soup

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Corn on the cob (Looks delicious!)

Salmon ikura sushi