Will Fight My Way's Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won be the best couple of 2017? Here’s why the Descendants of the Sun actress believes she and Park Seo Joon deserve a Best Couple award! Plus, check her out in Bali from the September issue of Marie Claire Korea, who dropped the teaser photos today!

Kim Ji Won received the Best Couple award with Jin Goo for her performance in Descendants of the Sun in 2016. This year, the ambitious actress is hoping for her second Best Couple award in a row!

“If I could receive an award at the end-of-the-year ceremony, I want to receive the best couple award,” Kim shared her wishful thinking. “That would just confirm Choi Ae Ra and Go Dong Man’s synergy. In Descendants of the Sun, I played a heartbreaking couple. But the Fight My Way one was a happy couple. That’s why I’m all the more greedy about the best couple award.”

If she were a calm and tough soldier in Descendants of the Sun, Kim Ji Won in Fight My Way is a passionate, courageous hustler. The actress says her Fight My Way partner Park Seo Joon was hands down the best partner ever.

“Park Seo Joon was really the best partner,” the actress reminisced. “His acting brought Go Dong Man’s character alive. He never frowned, even when filming the not-so-easy fight scenes. He’s the life of the party.”

On her real-life partner instead of an on-screen one, Kim says, “It depends on with whom I meet, but I’m drawn to men who make me feel comfortable. Since I need to focus on work longer, I can’t bring myself to see anyone right now.”

With Marie Clarie, Kim Ji Won also shared mantras or believes she lives by. “Instead of feeling discouraged by failures, I adopt a positive mindset,” the actress said, adding that when you do your best at a given moment, the next stage unfolds.

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