Taiwan may be boasting about having the most men with clean teeth in the near future. A new type of dental clinic has opened, and the assistants not only dress up like maids, but pamper you during the procedure.

A new maid cafe style dentist has opened in Zhubei, in the northwest part of Taiwan, and the men are flocking there to fix their cavities. The maids are dressed in mini-skirts, aprons and stockings. They do everything regular dental assistants do, except they might flirt with the male patient a little bit, the way maids do in a maid cafe. "Can you rinse your mouth for me, please?"

There apparently is a lot of competition amongst dentists for business in Taiwan, and this "Maid Dental Clinic" gimmick is just another way to bring in more patients. Not only for adult males, little kids and women also seem to enjoy getting treated here.

"I wanted my patients to forget about feeling pain and relieve their anxiety," said the owner of the clinic.

Which reminds me... I have to go to the dentist. I wonder if my new health insurance is accepted in Taiwan.

Coverage of the clinic starts at 0.34: