A man in Japan took his doll to Tokyo Disneyland, and posted photos of the whole romantic trip.

Creepy for some, funny for others. A man in Japan took his doll, Yuiri, to Disneyland and had a wonderful time with her. He posted photos for all to see, quickly gathering a following as he went on his date. Many internet users had questions and comments, and the man was more than happy to address them. Here are some examples.

Follower: "I'm thinking of buying one of those dolls. How much was she?"

Doll Man: "About 100,000 yen." (around $1000 USD)

Another Follower: "Do you go to the bathroom together?"

Doll Man: "Of course."

Another Follower: "You're not embarrassed walking around with a doll?"

Doll Man: "I actually got used to people staring at me."

Another Follower: "What rides do you ride?"

Doll Man: "Anything but roller coaster types. My baby'll fly away if I do."

And on and on. The Doll Man frequently updated his followers on the date. "The parade's about to start! Yuiri's getting excited, too!" When he spotted Cinderella, he wrote, "Oh my god, there's Cinderella! We're gonna go take a picture with her!" After Disneyland, the two ate a restaurant in the park before heading back to their hotel room at Disney Resort. "Yuiri seems pretty tired," he wrote. "I bought her a necklace at Disneyland. I hope she likes it, because she deserves it." This man is in love with his doll, and he treats her like a princess.

"You gave me courage by posting these," wrote an anonymous follower.

Before he and Yuiri went to bed, Doll Man promised more postings the following day at Disney Sea, and asked his followers to look forward to another beautiful date between him and the love of his life.

"Ready, Yuiri?"

"Yuiri loved the parade."


"Yuiri, it's Donald Duck!"

"The restaurant was so nice."

"I had to buy her this necklace."

"We had a long day, Yuiri's tired."

"Look at our picture!"