Cat cafes have recently been springing up all over the world, with one opening up here in New York City just last December. But a cafe in Seoul, South Korea has been serving lattes among sheep since 2011, and customers have been flocking to it ever since.

"I don't know how people have been finding out about us, but we've become a cafe that customers from all over the world want to visit," said Kwang Ho Lee, owner of the popular Thanks Nature Café. "I've had customers come all the way from Macedonia, Saudi Arabi, and even New Zealand, the land of sheep, of all places!" Kwang's cafe is situated in the basement of a building in Seoul, with a simple, relaxing interior safe from the hustle and bustle of the city. To add to the calming atmosphere are a lot of greenery and two well-behaved sheep, who are kept in their pens most of the time, but they are let out every so often to walk around, allowing customers to interact with them as they enjoy their afternoon coffees and lattes.

Thanks Nature Café definitely seems worth the trip if you're ever in Seoul and want a unique experience to go with your cup of coffee.

Like being out in the country in the middle of the city

Treats for the sheep

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Thanks Nature Café