A little more than a year after giving birth to her son Noah, Park Kahi is pregnant again!

The Dream High 2 actress plans to welcome a second baby into the world with husband Yang Joon Moo next year. Her label, BonBoo Entertainment, made the happy announcement today. "We've confirmed that [Kahi] recently learned of her pregnancy. She is in the early stages of pregnancy and will focus on her prenatal care for the time being," they told the media in a statement.

The 36-year-old star, who is two months pregnant, even shared a sonogram photo via Instagram of her precious little one. 

She opened up her heart to her fans in the caption. “Thank you so much to those who are congratulating me. I was going to announce it after safely passing the three months of pregnancy, but it looks like there are no secrets in this world haha. News really does travel fast.The baby is very healthy," she said. "It’s really fascinating that it feels different from my first pregnancy. I’m still lacking as a mother, so please give me lots of support. Until the day my baby enters the world healthy, please pray for me~ #Hwaiting to all the moms out there. I can’t believe it’s my second baby.”

The former After School member wed the Incase Korea CEO in a quaint outdoor ceremony in Hawaii in March 2016. Following the birth of her son in October 2016, she returned to work as a judge and dance trainer on Produce 101 Season 2. They happily await the birth of their second child to make them a family of four next year.



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Source: Via Via/ Image Credit: Kahi's Instagram and Star Daily News