Lee Dong Wook's popularity continues to grow after his role as a grim reaper in Goblin. In fact a former KARA member and a friend started to see her friend differently after watching the drama.

KARA's Heo Young Ji revealed during the talk show "Happy Together" that she initially looked up to Lee Dong Wook as an acting mentor. The two starred in the 2015 reality show "Roommates" and remained friends. The 24 year old idol confessed that she wanted to marry Lee Dong Wook and even sent him a text message to let him know that she would wait until he agrees to marry her. 

Lee Dong Wook apparently responded with- "Let's talk next year when you're an adult and over 25 years old."

Who can blame her? Who wouldn't wait to marry Lee Dong Wook? A girl can dream and wait.