Former anchor and MC of Star Golden Bell Noh Hyun Jung, who now works for Hyundai jaebol (which refers to family-controlled corporate groups) is accused of illegally sending her kid to an international school in South Korea, and on top of this, avoiding facing the charges. The Incheon Prosecutors’ Office found out that even though Noh Hyun Jung’s son is ineligible, he was attending an international school. For this, Noh was accused of “school laundering” by manipulating the records so that her son seemed like he was transferring from another international school.

She happened to be abroad when she was caught. The prosecutors' office is waiting for Noh Hyun Jung’s return to South Korea so that she can be investigated -- and it’s been more than 100 days -- but there’s still no news of Noh’s return. Her attempt to avoid facing the charges is making many of her old fans disappointed. Many say, as a former public figure and now family of a prominent corporation, she should come back and do what is fair.