jiyeon1 jiyeon2 Actress and former Miss Korea Kim Ji Yeon recently spoke out about her battle with bulimia. When she was little, she said, she was chubby, and she used to be larger than her classmates. She could finish five or six bags of chips in one sitting as a kid. She started her first diet after seeing herself in a graduation photo. Since middle school, she ate nothing but “coffee milk.” Her method of dieting caused her to faint from anemia instead of resulting in any weight loss. After this, her explosive appetite came back and she suffered from carbohydrate addiction. Because she is former Miss Korea, Kim Ji Yeon says people are often shocked by her story, and her chubby former self. She also said that she is always worried people may think of her as lazy if she gains any weight. Kim Ji Yeon must have been through so much mental pressure to keep her weight and appetite down. She was Miss Korea 18 years ago—I think it’s time for her to take a break from all the weight loss trauma. What do you think?