MMA fighter and former cast member of Roommate Song Ga Yeon has reportedly been seeking psychological help since August because of various comments and death threats made by netizens. It's reached the point where MMA Road Fighting Championship has filed a formal complaint with the Seoul District Prosecutor's Office.

MMA representatives gave this statement about Song Ga Yeon's current condition: "Song Ga Yeon has been receiving treatment periodically at a psychiatrist's office in Seoul since August. It is unsure how many more times she will need to receive treatment, and she is going through a difficult time. At a young age, it took a toll on her mentally. Although she's used to the malicious comments, they have started going overboard. Her mental state is unstable, so she hasn't been able to continue training."

Seo Doo Won, MMA fighter and one of Song Ga Yeon's close friends, was quoted saying this: "Song Ga Yeon is having a hard time because of the malicious comments. Prior to her debut match, her mental state was already unstable. Although she won the match, her condition became worse. It's a shame."

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Among the comments received, there were "sexual jokes" made, and the worst came from a netizen who threatened to kill her with a chain saw. It was at this point that a formal complaint was filed by the MMA Road Fighting Championship on October 20. The organization stated, "We have filed a complaint to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office against Mr. Y, who threatened to kill Song Ga Yeon with a chain saw...Although Song Ga Yeon has endured personal attacks and criticism up until now, because the recent chain-saw threat is intolerable, we held a meeting and decided to press charges."

Their lawyer Choi Young Ki stated, "Up until now, Song Ga Yeon has received a great amount of pain from thoughtless netizens' sexually explicit jokes and verbal abuse...We have decided to take legal action. We will not tolerate another happening like this again."

As usual, netizens are doing way too much. If anyone needs to spend time with a psychologist, it's crazy "Mr.Y" wanting to kill Ga Yeon with a chain saw; just too much Leather Face in that dude's life. We hope Ga Yeon can brush this ridiculousness off and get back in the ring/cage soon! 

Do you think it's a good idea for the MMA to go after Mr. Y?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE