celebritylover_newsStar's Lover is a warm-hearted, endearing tale of a woman who is pursued by four men. In a role which requires no effort whatsoever to find believable, Hallyu superstar Choi Ji Woo (Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven) plays a famous actress bent on finding true love. Particularly popular in Japan, this drama was called the "second Winter Sonata", striking a chord with audiences and producing a major furor.

When principled, bookish university professor Kim Chul Soo (played by Yoo Ji Tae) runs out of money and is forced to accept help from his ex-girlfriend, he determines to do whatever is necessary to pay her back. Little does he know that his opportunity will come in the form of a ghostwriting offer from the management agency of Lee Ma Ri (Choi Ji Woo), the most popular actress in Korea.

Caught between his convictions, his need for money, and his reluctance to work for a public star whom he's sure he will despise, Chul Soo agrees. The travel diary he writes under Ma Ri’s name, “Lovers in Asuka”, becomes an instant bestseller, and fascinates one person in particular, famed photographer Kang Woo Jin (Choi Phillip). Woo Jin looks just like Ma Ri's lost love, and when Ma Ri discovers that he is interested in her because of the story, she panics.

Afraid she’ll be discovered a liar about writing the book, Ma Ri commissions Chul Soo to coach her in Japanese culture and travel. Meanwhile, one of her old flames, a wealthy heir and Olympic marksman, decides that he wants her back. Then high-profile executive Jung Woo Jin (Lee Ki Woo) also begins pursuing her. Ma Ri, however, has grown closer and closer to Chul Soo as they write, travel, and work together. Now, caught between four men and torn by memories of her past, Ma Ri will have to choose where her heart lies.

Also known as Celebrity Lover.

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