The Miss Korea competition is set to experience a new first on July 8th! While it might not be surprising to hear of one twin entering and winning a beauty pageant and the other twin doing the same, what would happen if both twins enter the same competition and make it to the finals?

Twins Kim Min Jung and Kim Na Kyung are the first fraternal twins to make the finals of a Miss Korea pageant! While the twins entered the competition in separate cities, both of them were able to make it to the finals!  Na Kyung entered the competition in North Gyeongsang on April 7th and received second place while Min Jung entered in Daegu on May 22nd and won first place!

While both sisters are excited to get a chance to win, they think of the pageant as more of a fun sisterhood memory than competing against each other.

The two sisters are not identical twins, but they share similar looks, education, height, personalities, and even taste in men. The 21 year-olds are currently attending Keimyung University and think of each other as best friends. 

Next month, they will start training for the Miss Korea competition. The main event will take place on July 8th! 

We can't wait to see what happens! As the Miss Korea pageant has often been the launching point for many stars, could we be looking at the next top stars of Korea?

Could you ever compete against your best friend? Let us know below!