If you don't like the way something is, you always have the power to do something about it. That is exactly what this French artist did when she didn't like the way one of her toys looked. 

Elise Siegwald, a talented French artist, took matters into her own hands and completely redesigned and rebuilt none other than... her Game Boy! Bored by the blandness of her conventional portable console, she tore it apart and created her very own steampunk model, the only one in the world. The resulting Game Boy looks like it was made in the 19th century.

Upon uploading photos of her remodeled toy on the internet, gamers and non-gamers alike from all over the world have taken notice. Many want one for themselves, but Elise is not selling or making more for anyone,

May this be a lesson to all of us. If you're not satisfied with something, all you have to do is make it the way you want it with no one else's help. You just may surprise yourself.

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