French artist Clet Abraham uses unusual canvases for his art. For the last month, his work has been popping up on street signs in Osaka and Kyoto, and Japanese police are not pleased.

Abraham is a street artist, and he uses stickers to alter street signs. To him, the alterations draw attention to signs that people wouldn't normally notice, highlighting our unquestioning acceptance of authority. In spite of the subversive message, he designs the stickers carefully to ensure that they don't interfere with the purpose of the sign, and many local residents seem to find the signs humorous rather than bothersome.

In response to the stickers, police in Japan are investigating whether they can file charges against Abraham. He has already faced fines for his work in Europe, so he is no stranger to legal trouble.

What do you think of Abraham's subversive stickers? Is it just some harmless fun, or should he face legal consequences? You can see some of his European work below.

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