You may know Min Hyo Rin as 'Luxury Nose', the young model who shot to fame after appearing in ads for the woman's brand Flapper back in 2006. Well, since then, Hyo Rin has been steadily making a name for herself by appearing in commercials for Samsung, Biore and Kana Chocolate as well as staring in videos from F.T. Island and Park Ki Young, and even sharing a spontaneous CF kiss with B2ST's Lee Gi Gwang. Taking it up a notch, Hyo Rin released her own album, Rinz 민효린 in 2007 which was a mix of cutesy pop and ballad songs that fit her image perfectly. The young model and singer followed it up one year later with 2008's single Touch Me, another pop song, that was sweet and fun. Then she started to focus on acting and appeared in an MBC special called 'Korean Olsen Twins' that showcased fashion around the globe. However, the most noteworthy of performance of her career would be her role in the 2009 MBC drama Triple. In this role, she showed everyone that she wasn't just another pretty face. Her acting won over many fans of Korean Drama as she was natural and convincing in her role as a Cinderella of sorts. Coming in as a new face in the world of Drama, Min Hyo Rin's debut role was that of a young aspiring figure skater looking to jump back into the sport after suffering some setbacks in her life. Hyo Rin's portrayal of the main character, cute and naïve Lee Haru, helped bring in an average of 6.6% viewership, which is not bad considering the cast mainly made of new faces.

With such a budding talent in acting, Min Hyo Rin will definitely be cast for future drama roles, however in the mean time, watch Triple, right here on DramaFever.