[caption id="attachment_19965" align="alignleft" width="333" caption="Yoo Seung Ho relaxes for clothing brand MARU"][/caption] Yoo Seung Ho (17) has already accomplished much in his young life. At an age when most teen boys are worried about college entrance exams, getting the cute girl down the block to notice them, and getting their license, Seung Ho is probably more worried about whether or not his new drama or movie will be a success. But looking at his track record, that doesn't seem like a goal too hard to reach. The young actor, model, and part-time singer has been given the nickname of Little So Ji Sub as fans and critics alike have acknowledged his acting skills to be reminiscent of one of the most celebrated actors on South Korea, not to mention their uncanny resemblance to one another. The youngest of two, Seung Ho began his career about 11 years ago at the tender age of six and ever since has been working steady throughout the years.

Starting with his first modeling gig in 1999, for the brand 77016, and then starring in the drama Daddy Fish (MBC) in 2000, Yoo Seung Ho's path to stardom was not just a matter of luck. As a child actor, his appearance in the mini drama could have went two ways. Many child actors either get typecast into roles that don't allow them to develop their craft or just fade away as time goes by. However, casting directors saw much potential in Seung Ho, and he landed three more modeling contracts with Wheat Noodles, Ung Jin Ssing Kuh Bik, and I-Brand. In 2002 he was cast as the lead in The Way Home, and also secured another modeling contract with Afkilla Plus clothing company.

Moving on, he then completed two projects that next year, the first as the young Woo Jin in Love Letter (MBC, 2003). This cute little 10 year-old stole the show, and in the film Happy Ero Christmas, he did the same.  2004 was a busy year for Yoo as he appeared in the epic period drama The Immortal Lee Soon Shin (KBS1) as the young prince and soon to be King, then in the drama Precious Family (KBS2), where  he played Park Joon Yi. Finally, in the comedy Don't Tell Papa, his third film to date he played the son of a DJ who, after a one-night-stand in high-school found himself raising a child. By this time, the 12 year-old Seung Ho had accumulated a small fan base, and industry insiders were also beginning to take notice. More and more he began to be put in the forefront and no longer looked at as just a child actor.

[caption id="attachment_19967" align="alignright" width="335" caption="Starring in The Way Home (2002)"][/caption]

2005 rolled around and Yoo landed a double role in the drama Sad Love Story (MBC). This drama was very popular about a love triangle set in the music industry. He played first the role of young Su Joon Young (played as an adult by Kwon Sang Woo), and later as his son. The drama was another huge milestone in Yoo's career and for his work, he was awarded the Best Young Actor Award at the 2005 KBS Awards, which is no small feat. 2005 also saw Seung Ho in ads for MARU, a trendy clothing company that he still works with to this date. In 2006, Seung Ho starred in the movies Heart is.... and My Teacher, as well as the comedy drama Alien Sam, also known as Alien Teacher. Then in 2007, while taking a break from the silver screen, young actor appeared in two of the year's most elaborate historical dramas: The Legend (MBC), and The King and I(SBS). In The Legend, Seung Ho played the role of  young Damdeok, the 19th king of Goguryeo, and many fans loved his acting in this drama. Over the course of 2006 and 2007, Yoo Seung Ho was awarded the Best Young Actor Award for the 2007 South Korea Movie Awards, and the Heung Bo Dae Sa Award for both the Incheon International Design Paper Awards (2007) and Korean Children's Movie Awards (2006).

[caption id="attachment_19969" align="aligncenter" width="317" caption="Seung Ho is a rowdy and rambunctious bad boy in God Of Study (2010)"]Seung Ho is a rowdy and rambunctious bad boy in God of Study[/caption]

Then in 2008, he went back to the silver screen in the movie  Unforgettable, a movie set in the 70s about students who get lost on their field trip to Seoul. By this time, the 15 year-old Yoo was becoming more and more of a celebrity within the drama world, and his next role as Prince Chun Chu in the epic historical drama Queen Seon Duk (MBC 2009) sealed the deal. Playing the smart, and handsome Prince came effortlessly to the already seasoned actor, and fans and critics ate up his performance. Everyone was raving about this young man who practically stole every scene he was in. The industry was so impressed by his acting in the already much talked about drama, he snagged the 2009 MBC Drama Award for Male New Comer, officially letting the drama world and fans know that he was now running with the big boys.

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2009 can be considered a great year for Yoo Seung Ho as he also appeared in the movies Fourth Period Murder Mystery, City of Fathers, and also cameo in the feel good romantic drama You're Beautiful (SBS). With so much already on his resume, Seung Ho took on another role that, according to his many young female fans, is his best to date. That role would be as in the teen drama God Of Study (KBS2). Based on the Japanese manga "Dragon Zakura", Seung Ho takes on the role of Hwang Baek Hyeon a rowdy and defiant young high school student. Fans and critics love this drama and having just barely begun, so many people have high hopes for this dynamic young actor.

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