Last night, Primadonnas took New York City by storm to see Korean rock band FTIsland put on a heart-pounding show.  Lee Hong Ki, Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan, and Song Seung Hyun looked and sounded out of this world as they brought down the house with their fans' favorite songs.

Lee Hong Ki

The lead singer of FTIsland, Lee Hong Ki, shocked me with his on-point style, amazing vocals, and endless energy.

It's no surprise that fans have nicknamed him Cute Rebellion! 

It's always incredible when musicians actually sound better in real life, and this is truly the case with Lee Hong Ki. He showed multiple sides of his personality last night, switching between soft ballads and hardcore rock.


He told the audience that FTIsland wanted to show them a side that they don't get to see in their K-dramas, and they totally delivered. But of course two things that never change are his beautiful eyes and adorable smile.

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Choi Jong Hoon

The multi-talented leader of FTIsland, Choi Jong Hoon, seamlessly switched between playing the keyboard and guitar.

It was clear that Sexy Choi Jonghun is a pillar in FTIsland, who takes his performance seriously and pours his heart into it.

Lee Jae Jin

Handsome bassist and vocalist Lee Jae Ji cooly focused on the rhythm, leading each song with precision. 

His voice could also be heard harmonizing beautifully with his two fellow vocalists. 

Choi Min Hwan

The maknae drummer of the group, Choi Min Hwan, kept beat, taking things up ten notches during the band's hard rock songs, and gently bringing things down for their soft ballads. I love drummers and am always sad that I can't get more photos of them hiding behind their drum sets!

Song Seung Hyun

I have to admit that my bias of the night was guitarist and vocalist Song Seung Hyun. I couldn't get enough of his cute dimples and charming personality. This fangirl definitely took way too many photos, but I'll just show you four. 

You can't blame me for being mesmerized, right?

It was clear by all their dancing, singing, and flag waving that Primadonnas loved every moment of the night! Lee Hong Ki told the audience that playing in the US has always been a dream of his since he was just a kid and that he was very nervous that night, but he certainly had nothing to be nervous about! He said it touched his heart that fans knew all the lyrics and sang along to all the words. 

Lee Hong Ki revealed that FTIsland will be releasing a new album very soon. We can't wait to hear it and hope that they are in more dramas soon as well! 

Did you go to the concert in NYC last night? Are you going to their concert in LA this weekend? Let us know all about it!