Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui has won hearts and become an instant media star after her hilarious interview video went viral around the world. She just went live online and 10 million viewers tuned in, setting a new record. People simply can't get enough of Rio Olympics' funniest athlete. So, what did she say about hot swimmer Ning Zetao, Sun Yang, and other hot topics?

The cute 20-year-old swimmer, famous for her funny expressions and saying she used up all her "primordial force" to compete, would have preferred to sleep, but she already agreed to do the online session before going to Rio. During the streaming held on Wednesday, she openly admits the feeling that her interaction with the audience isn't as much fun now that she feels more under pressure.

When asked to show one of her funny expressions, she declines, saying her expressions are natural responses and it would be a fake to force one. She also tells viewers not to send her any gifts, referring to the virtual gifts that cost online viewers money to buy, saying, "buy yourselves some snacks." Perhaps food was on her mind because she got up early for the live interview. She kept eating cupcakes as she talked.

About hottie Ning Zetao, who she previously said wasn't her type, she further explains that it's because he is too popular, she can't afford to like him. She says: "Since all of China's women want to marry him. Whoever gets him will get all the women in China."

That earns some funny netizen comments, such as one calling out to Ning Zetao: "Ning, you'd better watch out that Fu Yuanhui is competing with you to get all the women in China!"

She probably needs to take a look at these enticing photos that many DramaFever News fans can't stop looking at HERE:

The young swimmer with a natural and optimistic attitude is also famous for not realizing that she won bronze in the 100-meter backstrokes until she was told by the reporter. She explains that because she wasn't wearing her prescription eyeglasses, she couldn't clearly see her score. She tied in 3rd place, but she could only see the Chinese flag in the 4th position.

We also learned the identity of the mystery hottie who hugged her after she won her bronze.

About the hug and pat on the head from famous Gold medalist Sun Yang, she says, "It does feel a bit awesome to be touched."

Asked which of the two popular swimmers has a more gentle personality, she replies, "Probably Ning Zetao. Sun Yang is more of an extrovert. They are both good men."

We'll next see Fu Yuanhui compete as a member of the Chinese team in the 4x100-meter medley relay race on August 12.

Will Ning Zetao show up to give Fu Yuanhui a hug? 

We can always hope!

Best wishes for Fu Yuanhui to swim with her powerful primordial force again!

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