A full 90-second trailer has been added to the official website for Kotaro Terauchi‘s Maria Watches Over Us, a live-action adaptation of Oyuki Konno’s popular series of light novels. The film is set at a prestigious catholic school for girls called Lillian Academy. The school has a storied history as well as its own set of traditions which get passed down from one generation of students to the next. In keeping with this philosophy, a system is in place in which certain seniors choose a younger student to give their rosary to and then act as a big sister and mentor. After a chance encounter which leaves a big impression on first year student Yumi Fukuzawa (Miki Honoka), she’s chosen as the “little sister” of the very prim and lady-like Sachiko Ogasawara (Haru). Jolly Roger will be releasing “Maria Watches Over Us” in Japan on November 6, 2010.

See the Full Trailer from the Live-Action Adaptation of "Maria-sama ga Miteru" on NipponCinema.