HaHa was having a grand old time when he snapped this photo with BIGBANG’s leader G Dragon! HaHa was filming Infinity Challenge and stopped by YG Entertainment to eat at their cafeteria (supposedly their food is really good!) when he ran into GD. From the photo it looks like GD was totally cracking up, and displaying really great hair at the same time!

Don’t you just love when GD is blond?! HaHa, also still sporting a blond ‘do, smiled brightly for the camera.

Here’s a funny thing I just noticed: GD looks taller in this photo than HaHa. I wonder if GD is wearing some stylishly tall shoes, or if HaHa is crouching down a little. (o_0) Maybe I should watch the episode one of these days and finally see how it all really went down. Then the mystery would be solved! Hmm. (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE