A man wanted to show the world the power of a typhoon in China so much that he decided to become a human weather barometer. The man lives in Zhangjiang city in China and took a series of pictures of himself toughing out the winds of Typhoon Kalmaegi.

The photos show the man jumping in the air as the wind powerfully attacks and carries him. The daredevil also hangs on to a pole as the wind carries him off to the side of the structure.  

The massive storm already traveled through Hong Kong, where it was so strong that they had to cancel the stock exchange. With winds reaching 160 kilometers an hour, 90,000 people have already been evacuated from Hainan. 

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It's also worth pointing out that there's a chance that this guy could be faking the whole thing. As one astute netizen pointed out, the people in the background of these photos are acting totally normal! Either way, it's still a funny try.