Japanese actor Furukawa Yuki, star of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo and upcoming drama Mysterious Summer, attended the J-pop Summit in San Francisco this year to promote his film Wo Ai Ni in Tokyo. This sweet, short film follows a Chinese exchange student as she tries to navigate the streets of Tokyo, as well as the heart of a handsome bicycle shop assistant, played by Yuki.

The premise itself is adorable, as we watch a shy girl try her best to get the attentions of a seemingly cold guy. This short film has the perfect balance of comedy and drama that tugs at one's heartstrings. The film's Director, Koto Nagata, also directed Yuki Furukawa when he acted in the super popular Japanese drama, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

The J-pop Summit Festival hosted a special screening of the film, complete with a greeting and Q&A session afterwards. There were many female fans present and Yuki pleasantly welcomed them. During the Q&A, the floor was opened up to fans to ask anything they wanted to know about Yuki, and ask they did! Most of the questions revolved around his acting, but there were a couple that ventured into his personal life. One of our favorites was whether he thought of himself as more of an "S" person or an "M" type, because in Japan, the idea of "S vs M" also indicates the type of personality you have, S being more in charge and harsh, and M being more submissive and shy. He answered that he considers himself more of an S, which explains why he also likes playing colder characters like Naoki Irie from Mischievous Kiss and Tamotsu from Wo Ai Ni in Tokyo.

After the Q&A was over, Yuki took a group photo with his fans and waved goodbye cheerfully. Watching his current body of work, we are confident that Yuki will take the acting world by storm very soon. Be sure to watch and support this talented actor by checking out his various projects. You can watch a couple right here on DramaFever, including Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo and upcoming drama Mysterious Summer. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with the actor, only on DramaFever!